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I have been reviewing the brilliance encased in the eccentricly capitalizied DiEtER writings (snippets I'm sure, of the Manifesto of dIEteR). It is all eerily familiar. I remember the beavers. But not the aardvarks. What about the egg plants? It is not said...

And I am forced to ask "Am I a Reincarnation of dieTER."

Or am I just a newbie puesdo-troll who seeks attention? Hmmm...

-- Red Ermine (, March 08, 1999


None of the above. Just another dork.

-- _ (, March 08, 1999.

You THIS green. White up as why then blue go. Also not is not is not why people deep. Fly walk oh.

-- lakjsdlkjf (, March 08, 1999.

Reply to Red Ermine/pseudo-DiEtER

Like any loony-bin, the staff to patient ratio varies with the patient needs, and available resources (time, funding, etc.)

I should say, "like any loony-bin, nation, church, office, school, marriage, you-name-it..."

Sometimes the patients outnumber the keepers, sometimes not. This forum generally stays on the positive side, staff-to-patient that is.

Here, your motivation is what makes you what you are. I can't help how you got to that motivation, or lack of it.

Sometimes, on a bad night, after a couple beers, I'm as dumb as any troll (but think I'm oh-so-cosmique!)

There are people whose motivation here is clearly and consistently to help others, and also to have fun while waiting for '00-ps. ("Party over, oops! out of time" -- Prince, 1999)

Good advice, good humor? Who's to say? Sometimes I thought even Dieter was contributing skillfully to the spirit of humorous play in this community. (But I can't remember if that was on my good nights, or bad.)

If you are the troll formerly known as dIetER, do your best. Have at it. Scream. Knock yourself out, us if you can. Endtimes parties are amazing things. This one lasts all year. You were invited at your birth. So were those who will tell you to post somewhere else. We're all here because.

Did James Joyce really flee to the south of France at the approach of Erwin Rommel's tanks for safety? - or because they were reincarnational splits off the same oversoul, who should never meet in life because, like "matter" and "anti-matter", they would... well, you know.

Have you thought about these things, would-be DIetEr? Well, have you, punk? COme BAcK WheN.

But don't stop having fun in English, der D-Man, just don't stop at punctuation (or whatever it is you do). Joyce would have _loved_ being around in this year of MIM. Mmmm-MMMM-MM!

Before ze var, rE-tIeD, I saw ze best minds of my generation, vasted!, on 3270 emulator code and Pascal to ADA translations. Softvare janitors, all of us! More spaghetti than Mussolini could shake a fasces at! Ah, E-tRIeD! You young vhipper-shnappers always think you know! But you do! 'Cause ve don't! OK! !!! Get my point!?

Ah, rED-TiE; it is always this vay before ze var. Ve are so clever, no? Then the tanks roll.

Here Comes Everybody.

-- jor-el (, March 08, 1999.

We have yet to hear from Molly Bloom, who may well be lurking here---

-- Tom Carey (, March 08, 1999.

Do your thang Red Ermine, we'll find out soon enough.

The wisdom of DiETeR is unmistakable, in all it's incarnations.

-- Molly Brown (, March 08, 1999.

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