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KATU Portland channel 2 is having a Town Hall Y2K meeting at 6:00 pacific time. I imagine you can pick it up in Oregon and Washington.

-- Bender (, March 07, 1999


Here's a link for the summary:

-- Bender (, March 07, 1999.

Thank you, Bender! Will be watching :-) Thanx again!

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-- Leska (, March 07, 1999.

Summary link


-- Sysman (, March 07, 1999.

Hhhmm, think that was a repeat, 380 days. Thought it was a good intro for somebody who only vaguely had heard about this Y2K thing. On the mild side, but no smirk-snickers :-)

I'd like to see a 3-hour show with Ed Yourdon, Jim Lord, Cory Hamasaki, Paul Milne, Gary North, Paula Gordon, Andy, RC, Big Dog, Hardliner, Diane, Chris, Anita Evangelista, Old Git, EC, Greybear, E Coli, Nikoli, Michael T, etc. +, all going no stops barred ;-D

Everything else seems pretty boring.

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-- Leska (, March 07, 1999.


I think I'd rather hear a presentation by Koskinen, de Jager, Mitch Ratcliffe, Howard Belasco, etc. Much easier to sleep afterwards, and likely to be just as accurate in the long run.

-- Flint (, March 07, 1999.

Ick! Koskinen gives me nightmares! Poor Flint. No entertainment value there. Personally, I like the blunt truth.

I have really been hitting the research lately, instead of posting much, and have read some absolutely hair-raising facts that have gone unnoticed but sent my red flags off the charts. I'm at an 8. It can never be less than a 3, because of the military ramp-up, the newly accepted Commander In Chief of Homeland attitude and EOs, the growing widespread realization of the interconnected fragility of our cyberinfrastructure, the $$ Billions already spent, and the opportunism plots of the terrorists.

Oh yeah, and the drooling slobbering lawyers.

Often I think I'm an utter idiot ostrich to be at an 8, with the likely potential for serious accidents looming.

It is a waste of time to read/watch/listen to the PollyWannas anymore. I wish it were a polly too, but wish is not stronger than reality.

"Watching the signs as they go ... "

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-- Leska (, March 07, 1999.

Leska, there's nothing I'd like better than the blunt truth. But we're talking about the future here, in many ways.

You've selected a lineup guaranteed to produce agreement with your opinion. I know there's nothing more reasonable than a shared prejudice. Ever seen a boxing match where the judges scrape the hometown boy off the mat, hold up his hand and declare him the winner? Blunt, yes. The truth? Well...the local crowd loves it.

In a year or two, we'll have a much clearer idea, though not perfectly clear. After all, we yearn for the good old days, but nobody ever lived through them, they only remember them.

-- Flint (, March 07, 1999.

The lineup I selected I chose for their colorful succinct modes of expression, intelligence, research, and humor. My opinion I've arrived at after months of exhaustive research. The panel is made up of those who have best articulated the facts as I have found them. I do not agree with all of their opinions! But they have the ability to argue their positions in such a way as to stimulate my brain cells.

I don't especially yearn for the good old days. I have gotten old enough to be spoiled rotten by the present cushy life in America. I love the convenience, the hot showers, the stately architecture, the clean well-groomed well-dressed persons all around, the easy pick-up delicious amazing variety of food, the Internet! The ability to do exactly what I wish for a living and still eeke out survival. To be, basically, a hermit and yet have interaction with so many here who I've come to remotely cherish. To have feathered my own spiritually delectable nest where I am sublimely happy.

I will be one of the cheeriest people alive if 1/1/2000 comes and the months proceeds without disruption! If that day comes, Flint, and sails thru smoothly, I invite you over to our maws of death for a drink of fresh-squeezed smoothie extraordinaire. A hopeful toast to the Pollys! May they be right!

But of course I'm not going to bet my life away on that hope by not preparing. I don't want to *be* something else's toast.

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-- Leska (, March 07, 1999.

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