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The recent rash of "Ha Ha Made you look .... " messages, obscene statements, and general attacks are sickening. But at least it proves again WHY if Y2K IS anymore than a "1" the fools writing these so called messages will destroy themselves. What sick, stupid people.

-- Jon Johnson (, March 07, 1999



You're playing their game when you respond.

-- Vic (, March 07, 1999.


I find them highly annoying, and juvenile. This time around, I've posted a link "down under" each unauthorized thread using my name, so it's not a complete waste.



-- Diane J. Squire (, March 07, 1999.

I couldn't agree more, Diane. By the way, did I tell you my name is Diane Squire, also?

Diane Squire

-- Diane J. Squire (, March 07, 1999.

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