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Dear contributors, I just bought such a tank and everything is pretty clear to me eccept how to agitate the film while developing,stopping (wether that is necessary or not.......) and fixing. Does anybody have the instructions for this tank and would be so kind to mail a copy to me or give me the address of the american company DORAN enterprise inc.(based in Milwaukee I believe). Thanks

-- andrea milano (, March 07, 1999


It is like the old Yankee tank. In fact, you can see the "FR" logo in the casting in a couple of places. You agitate in the direction parallel to the slots, but be VERY gentle. These tanks are very prone to producing a higher density area in the region where the film is held in the slots if you slosh it around too much. I have found a gentle straight back and forth motion, maybe 4 or 5 cycles once a minute is plenty. You may find you need to lengthen the time to compansate for a more gentle agitation to maintain the contrast you want.

Doran Enterprises Inc 2779 South 34th St Milwaukee WI 53215 414 645 0109

-- Tony Brent (, March 08, 1999.

I have the instructions here in front of me, I can't seem to be able to fire up my scanner so here goes: (snip) Loading:...with the pouring spout of the tank in the lower right hand corner, place the loading guide on the first pair of ridges so that the slot in the guide is directly over the first film groove on each side....The loading gide is moved across the top of the tank one ridge at a time by pressing down and forward with the thumbs and raising the front edge of the loading guide with the index fingers until the guide moves forward one pair of ridges.....You will insure perfect results by loading films so that the emulsion side is on the inside of the curve.....Tap the films gently down to the bottom of the tank and slide the metal retainer bar down until it comes gently in contact with the films. Depress the retainer bar firmly down upon the deges of the film making certain that the film takes the semi circular shape of the grooves on the inside wall. Replace the top plate making sure that the cup of the air vent is at the opposite corner of the pouring spout. Put the cover on in the same manner. The white light may now be turned on and the films are ready for processing. Development: Since it is only necessary that films be completely covered, the Doran tank makes possible an economy in the use of processing solutions. Following as a table showing the quantities required to cover the various sizes of film accomodated by the tank: 4 1/2 x 6 cm 750cc 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 and 6 1/2 x 9 cm 1150cc 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 1400cc 9 x 12 cm 1480cc 4 x 5 1600cc

So that the devolopment may be troughout, the solution should be poured in as rapidley as possible. It is advisable to make the pouring operation a continuous one, starting with the full amount of liguid in one vessel. You will find that the solution may be poured in very rapidley, particularly if the stream is aimed directly into the center hole.

Agitation: Immediatly after pouring in the devoleper, grasp the tank in the right hand with the air vent knob protruding between the thumb and index finger; the thumb in the cover and the four fingers on the side of the tank. Support the tank with the left hand. Move the tank sharply back and forth, in a horizontal plane, away from and toward the body. This method of agitation allows fresh devoleper to continually come into contact with the emulsion side of the film. Agitate for 10 seconds every minute during development.

Caution: Agitation in the wrong direction (perpendicular to emulsion side of the film) may cause film to be jarred loose from its retainer groove (snip)

Pfooh, hope this helps Rob Weststrate

-- Rob Weststrate (, March 08, 1999.

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