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Have you ever had a problem with enemy artillery?? Then don't read below because i am about to help them.ha. Have you ever had a problem with enemy artillery killers??? then read below.

You see what really annoys me is when something horrible (usually green, white or black) ugly, and very very scaly comes along and eats my carefully painted, carefully arranged, carefully dangerous artillery.

I have two ways to stop this, 1: arrange your army into a sort of castle formation (this is taken from one of the adeptus relics named old white dwarf!) arrange your artillery on a hill with archers in front and regimenst and cavalry on the flanks then when the enemy units see hardly any resistance from the mouldy 'ol archers and behind them the juicy prize of artillery he will come charging into them. At this point you send one of your many regiments in a flank attack (this can be a fairly weak regiment as the +2 panic bonus should do it). Also if any winged terrors come out of the sky the archers can turn and shoot 'cos i mean come on even goblins arent gonna miss with a target like that!!

This is my second way which is rather beardy but it works, buy a hero with basic stuff and deploy him with you artillery, then when the nasty moster comes from the sky charge him in and activate the rather nasty Black Gem of g'nar which you of course gave to him before the battle well cya round everyone Adam chapman Aged 14

-- Adam Chapman (, March 07, 1999


re protect the artilery

try the black gem trick using a lvl 1 mage it is usually cheaper and gives you another spell caster

-- marc morgan (, March 07, 1999.

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