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I just read comments on the Boss focusing screen - totally unknown to me until now. Are these made to fit an 8x10 Linhof Kardancolor Triplex and where might I purchase one

-- Paul Meschter (, March 07, 1999


Bromwell is the U.S. importer

-- bob salomon (, March 07, 1999.

About Bosscreen, they provide focusing screen for most view cameras (sometimes there might be some measures which might be wrong, like with my Wista SP so check and double check before ordering). Company is based in The Netherlands and the prices are much lower than Bromwell's, they sell direct and will ship internationally almost anywhere. The company is called STABILIX they produce all kins of special crystal and glass products for the technical user and specialize in cutting quarz crystals for radio transmitters surface mirrors (mirrors without a glass covering the metal part, like in any reflex camera) and the coating of lenses. Their address is Stabilix B.V. burg. Hovylaan 84 2552AZ Den Haag the Netherlands. Fax +31 (0)70 3979321 Enjoy!

-- andrea milano (, March 07, 1999.

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