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I've been searching TX city websites for y2k information, to see who says what and if some are more forthcoming than others. I live in N.TX, but my dad (who recently died) did live close to Austin. My sister spent a great deal of time with him in Nov, Dec, Jan... She noticed that there is a significant difference in the amount of information available in S.TX around Austin. There is even a segment on nightly news about preparation. The following is from the Austin city website: I thought some might be interested in the comment re: automobiles.


26. According to the Lower Colorado River Authority, there are embedded chips (thousands) underground throughout the City that could fail causing mass power failure. What happens when they do?

We have contacted LCRA and cannot confirm or clarify this question. Austin Energy has underground distribution facilities in the downtown area and in other areas of the service territory. However, there are very few digital devices or embedded electronic systems in the electric distribution system. Protective and control devices monitor and act on electrical quantities. Dates and time information, if present, are used for reporting only and do not impact operations.


28. Have any of the City departments been able to get Y2K certification letters from Ford, Chevy, or other major vehicle vendors?

At this point, all major automakers have sent letters indicating they have fully tested their vehicles and do not anticipate problems. The City is, however, developing contingency plans in case this does not prove to be completely true.

-- Shelia (shelia@active-stream.com), March 06, 1999

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