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"Remember, character is what you do in the dark."

-- Puddintame (, March 06, 1999


Good quote!

-- Watchful (, March 06, 1999.

Actually, this behavior is strongly discouraged by the more learned "old-timers" here!

The Greenspun www-technology used here is intended to create FEWER new threads than USENET. It was NEVER intended to behave like "chat".

I'm not trying to enforce anything (it is not my place). I'm just pointing out that our more experience contributors don't like seeing redundant topics sprout like weeds.

-- Anonymous99 (, March 06, 1999.

Anon, I think we have some miscommunication here, maybe due to wording on my part. I certainly don't intend to contribute to thread proliferation. I simply mean to say that you can respond almost simultaneously to an EXISTING thread by monitoring the new answer site. I'm totally against thread proliferation.

-- Puddintame (, March 06, 1999.

PT, there's the germ of a bumper sticker there. . .

-- Old Git (, March 06, 1999.

:-D :-D That's good, OG!

Here's a better one:

Computers Have No Mercy

-- Old Git

-- Elbow Grease (, March 06, 1999.

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