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"Stir it up little darlin' stir it up!"

(Psa 22:20 KJV) "Deliver my soul from the sword; my darling from the power of the dog."

Christian kinda guys...move to the Christian y2k.


If you can help us with a linky thing....Thanks.

-- Mark Hillyard (, March 06, 1999



-- zz (LALALA-LALALA@babe.pig), March 06, 1999.


could you please give me the exact date that this forum was turned over to you so i will know whether or not i should really "move" elsewhere?

otherewise....i'll wait for a higher power than you to tell me i should get out

-- Christian (, March 07, 1999.

Mark, if I were you I'd respond *now* to the above post by Christian.

Double check his email address. That guys got connections.

-- Greybear (, March 07, 1999.

Who you callin' little?

-- ARE (YOU@TALKIN' TO.ME), March 07, 1999.

-- Christian (, March 07, 1999.

I'm not in charge of anything. People on this forum don't want to be preached at and Pastor Chris has a forum for Christian response. Come on over and talk. What's the big deal. Sounds reasonable to me.

The "little darlin' thing was paraphrasing the Bible without quoting Scripture. It is a term of affection and not of derision.

Lighten up guys...we win! We will be free.

-- Mark Hillyard (, March 07, 1999.

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