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On the Cypher model, he has a grenade. Are the people at Games Workshop thick or something? HE DOESN'T HAVE GRENADES AS PART OF HIS WARGEAR!!!!!!

Here are my own rules for Eldar Night Spinner tanks. Name BS Fr.Armour Sd. Armour Rr. Armour Type 'Stalker 3 12 12 10 Tank,fast

Armed with a Twin linked Spinner Cannon (Range 48", Strength 8, AP 2, Heavy 3/Blast) and a Twin Catapult. May be upgraded to shuriken cannon- see Heavy Support in Eldar summary list. Costs 178 points

Send a response-your own rules/comments!

-- Michael Connor (, March 06, 1999


Hey mate give the guys a chance!!!! There just tryin to put extra details on the model ya know!!!! Its just a representation of cypher cos beleive it or not he not real!!I know I know don't cry but thats just the way it is!!

-- Adam Chapman (, March 07, 1999.

with a gun like that it needs to be worth more. if its heavy 3 loose the blast

-- someone (, March 31, 1999.

Word 1 person makes the model and 1 makes the rules.

Usually the model is made AFTER the rules.

Besides who really gives a shit anyways?

-- (, April 01, 1999.

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