Who is PNG??

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I am a newby thats been lurking awhile. Who is PNG and what/where is his web site? oops! gotter go, the bulls got Pa up aginst the fence agin.

-- Ma (Ma@pigpen.com), March 06, 1999


Someone will have to help withthe link but::

PNG is a gentleman who is from the States, who is doing consulting in Japan. Like the old EF Hutton adds, when PNG talks (about Japanese banking and other Japanese issues) we listen.


KEvin or somebody want to help withthe link??

-- Chuck, night driver (rienzoo@en.com), March 06, 1999.


PNG is a very clever as well as amusing analyst of the Japanese cultural and business scene. He lives in Japan.

-- Got Beans? (y2k@doom.com), March 06, 1999.


-- Kevin (mixesmusic@worldnet.att.net), March 06, 1999.

the link/url didn't work. Would somebody try again? I didn't know about PNG either. Thanks

-- Taz (tassie@aol.com), March 07, 1999.


Take time and stay awhile. Be sure and scroll down to Challenger, Therodynamics, and Y2k. You will think about this article for a long time after reading it.

-- Linda A. (adahi@muhlon.com), March 07, 1999.

Linda...that link doesn't work either. Taz

-- Taz (tassie@aol.com), March 07, 1999.




-- Sylvia (home@wood.com), March 07, 1999.

And the hot link for the cut & paste challenged . . .


-- David (David@BankPacman.com), March 07, 1999.

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