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Beyond your thoughts and imagination these words come from beyond Nothing more than a whisper in the wind. An your chosen path begun.

Run hide for there is little time left. Revelations is the key and to all people there are different keys. Find your place and protect yourself in numbers. No replys please there is time waisting and water will elude you most of all. 12:1:

"An ocean of water and not a drop to drink"

"And it came to pass that no one was rich and no one was poor. Survive if you may forever more."

"I'm well prepared!" <-- how can you prepare when you don't know what your up against. It's not the computers we are afraid of it's the remarkable ability of the people as a whole to create this landmark.

*let he who reads this and understand take it to the mountain.*

-- Casey (, March 06, 1999


Back it up, if you know what I mean!

-- Mark Hillyard (, March 06, 1999.

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