U.S. Government Angle?

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To those of you that think Ko-Skin-Em has such a tuff job. Just exactly what is his job? Why is it that other countries are much more forth coming with their people? I don't see any panic in Canada or England! Our government tells us we are in the best shape. There is something under the surface here. Could it be they want a panic? The collective mind of this forum need to put two and two together. We are either being setup, or the Government IS telling the truth. The we don't know what is going to happen line,is a bunch of crap! They know when a frog farts in Africa. I know, they are sooooooo concerned with our welfare, so we will spoon feed the people the truth. More crap! We are mice, y2k is the bait, and the government is the trap!

Buy more AMMO!

-- Scotty (BLehman202@aol.com), March 06, 1999


I think that they're afraid to let the public know that they "dropped the ball" regarding this issue. They had a chance to lick it, but they waited too long and mismanaged their resources.

Most importantly, they waffled too long regarding accurately informing the public. Coming totally clean now and laying it all out on the table would tick off alotta people.

Typical reaction -
"You knew about this all this time, yet you said it was 'a bump in the road'...now you're saying WHAT? You folks screwed up, and yet you're still gonna tell us what to do? How I can use my money? How to take care of my family? You don't even have your own house in order, and we're supposed to take you seriously? Yeah. Right. Suuuuure.

Talk about loss of credibility and immense feelings of betrayal amongst the public...wow. And so much for the image of appearing omniscient, that "you can depend on us", and the many different govt programs which help to make this a better world to live, to ensure a better future for our children...

The problem is, the government is running out of mirrors to move around, and the smoke will eventually settle. They will continue to weave their web of doublespeak as long as possible, if that is indeed what they are doing. However, if they lie and are challenged, they cover it with another lie/distraction/spin/take yer pick...and if someone challenges that one, they'll likely do it again. It all compounds to the point where this web gets fragile and complicated...things just don't jibe, and not every one's story is the same.

But hey, I could be wrong...

- "Dammit, Jim...I'm just a programmer, not a politician!"

-- Tim (pixmo@pixelquest.com), March 06, 1999.

Of course this has nothing to do with politics. Why did NBC withhold the Broderik Clinton rape story until after the impeachment vote in the Senate? The spinmeisters said there was no interest any more in Monica (they hoped) and then the interview had extremely high ratings. Now lets see, if they had admitted that Y2k was a problem and that Clinton did nothing before the impeachment vote, his popularity would be lower. It will be interesting to see if the Senate has another vote. Lets see, withholding evidence (Y2k, rape, general incompetence, Chinagate, Panama Canal controlled by China, campaign contributions, Mr. technology Gore did not say a word). The country is going down the tubes. The Senate has failed to uphold its oath. If the Senate voted to excuse because of the polls and not the polls indicate disgust with the President, will they reconsider? Fat chance. Do we want Clinton in charge on 1 1 2000 so that HE can impose martial law. I don't think so. I do not expect anything to happen unless people get fed up or unfed. Lets see now 9 more months.

-- Tom (notstupid@aol.com), March 06, 1999.

Scotty...I think that a little paranoia is not a bad thing sometimes. I know I feel the same way you do....must be the water. It is a foregone conclusion that the US Government will not exist in the same format that now prevail.

The government will not go away. Count on it. Too many of the individuals at Wonderland on the Potomac thrive on having power for them to give it up. What will happen is that the IRS will go away and a flat tax or sales tax will be implemented. The major problem with this is that Mr. Bill and his crowd will still be in power and able to decide 'what's best for the people'.

Are we being 'set up'? Probably. Can we do anything about it? Nope. Not without a lot more people feeling the way we do and that's not going to happen. (TV sitcoms are far more important to too many people). Just bought more ammo but not enough motor oil and filters.

-- Lobo (Hiding@woods.com), March 06, 1999.

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