Yaw-free Field Camera by mounting sideways on tripod

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I'm curious to know how many people regularly take pictures with their field cameras mounted 90 degrees to obtain yaw-free movements. Ellis, I'm particularly interested in your response because you have a 410 (heavy), B2 (strong), DLC (very light), and have very mildly "complained" about the lack of yaw-free movements with the DLC. I guess a Wimberly sidekick would make a perfect setup for doing this.

-- Carlos Co (co@che.udel.edu), March 06, 1999


Response to Yaw-free Field Camera

I haven't tried that, no. But then again I haven't needed to either. how does it work with the WPE?

-- Ellis (evphoto@insync.net), March 06, 1999.

Response to Yaw-free Field Camera

I've played around with this setup using 3221 legs, mini-geared head, and Wisner PE at night in my room. I didn't shoot any film, but I wasn't pleased with the stability of the setup - checked by tapping around with a pen. The leg joints of the 3221 tripod seems to be the weak link, but I'll have to check this out some more. I didn't "sandbag" the tripod on the other side.

-- Carlos Co (co@che.udel.edu), March 06, 1999.

Response to Yaw-free Field Camera

The reason there is an extra bubble level on the Linhof Technikardan is because they were designed to be used on their side. Naturally the Linhof Profi III ball head and the 003663 3-Way Levelling Head can easily support the cameras in this positi

-- bob salomon (bob@hpmarketingcorp.com), March 06, 1999.

Response to Yaw-free Field Camera

All well and good about the Linhof cameras but Carlos is using the Wisner Pocket Expedition. My "mild complaints" about the Canham DLC not being yaw free have related to why I favor using a yaw free camera (in my case an Arca F-Line) in the studio.

-- Ellis (evphoto@insync.net), March 17, 1999.

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