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My question:

Would it be a better approach to shut down our electronic systems on or about 12/31/99 and do a phase-in of our electronic systems, say by state or some other determiner?

That is in the interest of isolating problems much more quickly, wouldn't it be better to start up our electronic systems one-at-a-time rather than to just let it all roll-over and then not know exactly where our major problems reside.

Would we not have better control and could isolate problems better if we phased-in the start-up?

-- Fred Weiersmueller (, March 06, 1999


How? What sequence? If you hit a problem on restart do you continue or stop? For how long? As a matter of fact, almost all systems of every nature have routine down time for maintenance, up grades, implementation testing, etc. usually on weekends & holidays. Many companies will do this on their own. I speak from first hand knowledge and experience.

-- curtis schalek (, March 06, 1999.

To some degree, that is what many companies will be doing. Also, scheduled downtimes for maintenance may be timed for the end of MIM, beginning of MM to avoid rolling over everything all at once.

However, this is by no means a cure all process. Companies that have not done complete remediation and proper testing will still get bitten big time. You can bet that even companies that have worked diligently on their Y2K projects will be crossing their fingers and hoping for the best as it is impossible to cover all of the bases.

-- Craig (, March 06, 1999.

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