Y2k: Fact or Fiction

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Placed in the Y2k Watch General Archive on 3/5. It expresses the way I feel and I am sure many of you also. Link

-- rb (phxbanks@webtv.net), March 06, 1999


See reports of yesterday's Senate Committee hearing. It is not fiction. Best wishes,

-- Watchful (seethesea@msn.com), March 06, 1999.

Y2k is a fact and I am preaching to the choir. My previous post was to point out a very good analysis of what most GI's have experienced. It's 12:20 and I'm watching CSPAN Y2k over my shoulder as I type.

-- rb (phxbanks@webtv.net), March 06, 1999.

I'll just use my thread to post my y2k day. After CPAN (middle of night) it was off to bed to dream of the corn field and old negro lady in Neb. Today I spend a few hours in Mesa, Az (next to Phoenix) visiting the community y2k prearedness fair sponsored by the Police Dept., Am Red Cross and LDS Church. There were over 35 exhibits and they were a great continuing y2k education. I visited with and watched dutch oven cooking (and had some peach cobbler). I visited and watched solar oven box cooking (and had some cookies and cake). I watched Indian Fry Bread cooking (and had some with honey and powered sugar). I watched hand made tortilla cooking (and had some with refried beans). Also saw exhibits on raising chickens, shortware radio, alernative laundry sources, water, citrus, survival supplies, gardening, herbs, making solar ovens, makeing corragated box potties. It was free admission, free food, and free samples. Mucho information...and I know how Cory H feels around food at y2k meetings!

Did you know the chickens can handle the desert heat as long as they have shade and water...No?...well now you do.

-- rb (phxbanks@webtv.net), March 06, 1999.

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