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Hey guys,

I wrote to Lugar after his speech in news a few weeks ago. Today I received a PERSONAL note and a real copy of the senate report and another another report for Indiana. Will take them to our y2k task force that is meeting this weekend. I am really impressed with the people that are working together on this. Maybe there is some hope in Indiana!

-- Moore Dinty moore (not@thistime.com), March 05, 1999


Hey Dinty, I don't suppose you live in the extreme southern part of Indiana, do you? Like, almost in Louisville?

-- Pearlie Sweetcake (storestuff@home.now), March 05, 1999.

Dinty are you in the Southern part of the state? I'm interested in the meeting. Where is it? Perlie...you from Indiana too? I'm in the southern part, but over east near the river.

-- Eye On Y2K (bugscaresme@mellinium.com), March 06, 1999.

Darn! There's alot of Southern Hoosiers here! I'm in Floyds Knobs!

-- margie mason (mar3mike@aol.com), March 06, 1999.

I'm in Nebraska

-- tim daniels (tim@commonsense.com), March 06, 1999.

Wow, Lot's of Hoosiers...we'll give honorary to Nebbie. I live in central Indiana but I do visit the southern part alot for my work. Gorgeous country there. The meeting this Sunday is just the task force.I don't know all of the people yet on the force but the ones I have met seem to be very educated. Both on the subject and otherwise. I will let you all know that happens and when open meeting is. Maybe if we find enough people around area we could organize a community type meeting closer to all of you.

-- Moore Dinty moore (not@thistime.com), March 06, 1999.

I live in Kentucky less than 10 miles south of the Indiana state line.

-- Kevin (mixesmusic@worldnet.att.net), March 06, 1999.

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