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I have just purchased a Sony D-V500 vcd player. Imported from Sony of Japan. I notice when I play cd-r movies the picture quality is not so good, the color seems to go in and out. Is this a problem with the player or my tv. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

thanks, nick

-- nick pinansky (, March 05, 1999


The problem is the CD-R movie and the connection. If the player is from Japan then it is PAL. Your TV should be the same connection PAL, if it is NTSC then you have to get a convertor. If your TV is PAL, then you have a bad CD-R movie.

-- T (, March 06, 1999.

My TV is NTSC but it doesnt matter cause it uses the RCA jacks on my vcr. it plays both PAL and NTSC vcds anyhow.


-- Nick Pinansky (, March 06, 1999.

It does matter. Just because the jacks connect does not mean that it will play withput problems. Hmmm. NTSC video CDs would be the Phillips branded ones right? Otherwise you are using a PAL encoded or Universal encoded disc. Basically you have to find out if the player itself is NTSC and PAL compatible. Not the discs. If the machine is PAL only then you are going to have to get a convertor.

-- T (, March 06, 1999.

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