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What is the exact population of San Francisco?

-- Gregg P. Robinson (greggrobinson@catsrule.garfield.com), March 05, 1999


According to the 1999 Time Almanac, the population of San Francisco is 735,315, as of 1996. Add five to ten thousand, and you'll probably be right on the mark. That, of course, included ONLY the city of San Francisco, not the entire Bay Area. Look for that figure to be in the millions. San Jose alone comprises 838,744 souls, while Oakland boasts 367,230. There are literally dozens of smaller cities in the Bay Area that aren't included in the previous figures.

-- Robert Summers (summerstime@yahoo.com), March 29, 1999.

There is a day time populaiton which, I've read, is about a million and a quarter. Then there is the regular popultion of about 790,000

-- Len (len@sonic.net), May 24, 1999.

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