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I saw an article in the American Alpine Journal about a year or so ago about a route on Glacier Point called Galactic Hitchhiker (put up in 96). I am very interested in doing this route but I have not been able to find any other information about it but: 41 pitches of 11a/b free. I would appreciate any information anyone would have on this route.

Thanks! Ben

-- Benjamin Morin (, March 05, 1999


A topo of it was published in an Australian climbing magazine; I have a copy of the topo. The second ascent was done in 8.5 hours, using a 200' rope and some simulclimbing. It starts with 8 pitches to the top of Goodrich Pinnacle, 5.9. Then another 8 pitches (some 5.10a) to a point where a traverse right can be made to the Oasis. The route continues up the steeper "Olympic Wall" above, with more 5.10 up to 5.10d for about 15 pitches. Then a ramp with 6 easy pitches is found. The final headwall is 4 pitches; one of them is 5.11b/c if freed. Apparently all moves harder than 5.10c can be aided if necessary.

Have fun,

Clint Cummins

-- Clint Cummins (, April 08, 1999.

One other important fact about this route: the pitches between Goodrich Pinnacle and The Oasis are usually wet until after mid-summer.

-- Clint Cummins (, April 08, 1999.

In response to this, and to requests on rec.climbing, I have posted a topo and a trip report from the likely second ascent on my web page:

-- Clint Cummins (, April 14, 1999.

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