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About 50 or 60 threads below is one entitled "New cartoon on survivalists getting interviewed by clueless TV talking heads," and it was posted by Declan "Time Magazine" McCullagh. I made the mistake of clicking on it, and was immediately sent, without my consent, to another website. I wasn't even able to read replies to the thread. After several attempts to pageback and read the responses, my computer crashed and I had to reboot. (And the cartoon was very amateurish.) Is there some way we can notify the server to remove destructive posts?

-- Pearlie Sweetcake (, March 05, 1999


There are so many trolls visiting us from time to time that I'm not sure that the offensive message was really posted by Declan. In any case, I've deleted the thread so that nobody else will stumble upon it by accident.


-- Ed Yourdon (, March 05, 1999.

Someone looked at the source yesterday and determined it wasn't Delcan. <:)=

-- Sysman (, March 05, 1999.

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