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Are you an artist, just look like one, or play one on TV? We are currently seeking submissions of art: paintings, drawings, photos, multimedia, comics and more. Huge Magazine is THE On-line Superchunky Arts and Leisure Magazine.

Journey to: and click on the submissions link for more information.


-- David Bailey (, March 05, 1999


I am a former Art Director, with 15 years experience in the field of computer art, including animation, both 2D and 3D; illustration, both for on-air and "hard" publication. I hold two international, four national, and over twelve regional awards for my work.

I am proficient in Photoshop, Lightwave 6.5, Lightwave 5.6, Softimage, Cubicomb, and Pinnacle. In addition, I do 2D "cel" animations using Flash 5.0.

-- Don Green (, September 17, 2002.

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