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Dear Yourdonites,

I am in the position to give info. to newbies to y2k many times a day. I am attempting to develop easy desk reference page(S) with URLS to good y2k sites to use in accomplishing this task. I came to you because I believe that you folks are very knowledgable on the subject. If you contribute to this thread, be assured that you will be helping at least 6 newbies a day. (And perhaps some not-so-newbies too- in larger numbers.)

Thank you so much to anyone who contributes useful info. to this thread. I plan to post a brief summary of the results at a later time.


-- helper (Please@helpme.helpothers), March 05, 1999


Refer enquiries to this forum and recommend Time Bomb 2000. Best wishes,

-- Watchful (, March 05, 1999.

Good morning Watchful. I agree, here is the best starting point. There are so many Y2K sites, and so much news these days, you would have a long list indeed. Here we have people like DIane and Kevin and many others that can direct newbies to other sites that may interest them, as well as the established archive. <:)=

-- Sysman (, March 05, 1999.


See some of the resources on this thread...

A recent eye-opening article on Y2K is this one...

-- Kevin (, March 05, 1999.


I also recommend this article from tml

"Getting Ready for Y2K"

-- Kevin (, March 05, 1999.


Also see...

"Personal preparedness Web sites"

-- Kevin (, March 05, 1999.

Thanks to all who have answered to far. I will use this info. and keep searching for more. Any help is appreiciated.

Helper,,, (*-*)

-- helper (please@helpme.helpothers), March 05, 1999.

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