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Since we will only have to plan for 3-5 days of supplies, long enough for Big Brother to take us to "shelters" (prison camps?), in the spirit of 1984-style "Double-speak", we really need a good name for "shelters". I'm terrible with words - perhaps some of you more verbal folks could help.

Hey - I'm a code-jockey...

-- Anonymous99 (, March 05, 1999


How about "re-education centers"? That was a favorite of Clinton's admired colleagues.

Does anybody other than Old Git understand what I'm alluding to?

-- Ken Seger (, March 05, 1999.

whats wrong with internments camps?

Got wire cutters?

-- Taz (, March 05, 1999.

The logistics involved with Big Brother internment camps?

Do the math.


-- Critt Jarvis (, March 05, 1999.

Reassessment Headquarters, Retraining Centers, Sheeple Feed Lot, Clinton Security Day Care Center, FEMA (Feeding Everyone Most Anything) Centers.

-- bardou (, March 05, 1999.

If you have sufficient supplies, you won't have to worry about it. I hope.

-- Old Git (, March 05, 1999.

My two contributions........

KOA - Klinton's Outdoor Alternative


-- Online2Much (, March 05, 1999.

Response to Double-speak name for "Shelters"?

Critt--the logistics of imprisoning millions of people do seem formidable. Remember, though, the German experience in the years 1938-1945. Despite gearing up for war, then fighting a two front war, and finally having their cities bombed to rubble, they devoted considerable time, money, personnel, and trains to maintaining the concentration camp system. Ten million people died in the camps, while outside another ten million died from the war itself. Would our government commit similar resources to quelching a defiant populace? Remember Waco. Remember Ruby Ridge. Our only hope may rest with principled military units that would oppose them. Global governance organizations are not representative democracies--they are oligarchic and totalist. Americans constitute the last great armed populace that would resist the move to global financial totalitarianism. (ClubFed: I love it!)

-- Spidey (, March 05, 1999.

"Heat Free Zones?" "Rent Free Zones?" "Temporary Freedom Attenuation Area?" "Mandatory Three Month Let's-Hear-It-For- Management Block Party?"

-- Puddintame (, March 05, 1999.

I'll have to vote for ClubFed by online2much. That'll be hard to beat.

-- Puddintame (, March 05, 1999.

Hey, I heard about Club Fed,

They say you can drop out of the club at any time, but once you check in, it's hard to check out. When they sign you up, they'll really push the lifetime membership option, so be careful.

Also, I've been told that room service isn't that great. They'll brag about their cuizine, but from what I've heard, you have to show up real early to get a good place in line for the buffet.

-- Tim (, March 05, 1999.

How about Rancho Gulag?

It has that...that mystic, exotic appeal down home folks always yearn for.

-- Charles R. (, March 05, 1999.

Ignoring self-reliance is surrendering liberty.

-- Watchful (, March 05, 1999.

how about Reservations?? We Floridians will head for the swamps...AGAIN!!

Got your moccasins?

-- Taz (, March 05, 1999.

I honestly do not understand why on earth the US govt would forcibly evacuate US citizens and put us into concentration camps. We are not "the enemy". If you have credible evidence that this is actually planned, please give it to me. I would be happy to read it. Until then,

I would call the camps "fantacy camps"

-- no-sense (, March 05, 1999.

Gotta go with Club Fed, too. Great name. I'm reminded of "Hotel California." You can check out, but you can never leave.

-- Vic (, March 05, 1999.

Back in 1949 (could've been 1950, could've been 1948) the Hudson Review published a story with an obscure title-- N.R.A.C.P.. I picked up a copy and read the story. Never have forgotten it, but I'm not sorry I read it. It couldn't possibly be published in this country today.

I haven't got the courage to review it here. Brave souls may be able to find it in a library.

-- Tom Carey (, March 05, 1999.

Response to Double-speak name for "Shelters"?

"we are not the enemy." Read Andy's thread above about the US government's biological and radiation experiments on us 'allies.' Keep in mind that the good old US of A has the highest number of incarcerated in the world. In 1997 the WSJ reported that prisons were the second biggest US growth industry--and they want to build MORE! Gov. Pataki just announced plans to build two more new state prisons here in NY. But I'll keep saying it as a mantra when I read about gov. abuse of power--"wearenottheenemy wearenottheenemy wearenot..."

-- Spidey (, March 05, 1999.

I've got to vote for Club Fed as well, although I think the offical name would be somthing like Safety Shelters, Temporary Living Quarters, Emergency Alternative Housing etc..

-- Deborah (, March 05, 1999.


But, we already have re-education centers, they're called 'Public Schools'. ;-)

-- Deborah (, March 05, 1999.

Response to Double-speak name for "Shelters"?

Tom Carey: now THAT'S a cryptic post. You don't have the courage to even review it? The mind boggles. Is it along the lines of Sinclair Lewis' "It Can't Happen Here," about a fascist takeover of the U.S., where the heroes (in Vermont!) are rounded up and put in concentration camps? Lewis wrote his book in, I think, 1936. Far cry from 'Babbit' or 'Elmer Gantry.'

-- Spidey (, March 05, 1999.

I am still looking for that evidence that says the govt. is planning to put US citizens in concentration camps.

-- still looking for (still@lookingfor.theevidence), March 05, 1999.

still looking,

You will not find evidence like you seek.

What is rather obvious form the extant documents is that the Goc has plans to "relocate" some of the citizenry to "shelters" for their "safety". And apparently wheither they want to go or no.

-- Greybear, who feels sooo much more secure and protected now.

- Got Warm Fuzzies?

-- Greybear (, March 05, 1999.

Here's something; consider the source, of course, of course....

Michigan Whistle-blower under Fire

From WorldNetDaily.

-- Lisa (lisa@almost.weekend), March 05, 1999.

Hi, Still Looking!....FWIW try this:


-- Willis (, March 05, 1999.

Italics begone

-- gone (1@2.3), March 05, 1999.

how about Cootie Heaven or Scabies Haven? if you must go, bring protection against both lice and scabies.

-- jocelyne slough (, March 05, 1999.

"Is it along the lines of Sinclair Lewis' "It Can't Happen Here," about a fascist takeover of the U.S., where the heroes (in Vermont!) are rounded up and put in concentration camps?" (Spidey)

-- Tom Carey (, March 06, 1999.

"Is it along the lines of Sinclair Lewis' "It Can't Happen Here," about a fascist takeover of the U.S., where the heroes (in Vermont!) are rounded up and put in concentration camps?" (Spidey)

It was intended to be cryptic. You're getting warm -- but only that. Hope you can find the piece in the library -- maybe on inter-library loan. In case anyone does read it, I hasten to note that the basic premise of the story is utterly appalling. I thought so then, and I think so now.

BTW, it turns out there's a keystroke combination for [SUBMIT]. Whatever it is, I hit is by accident a few minutes ago. Sorry!

-- Tom Carey (, March 06, 1999.

How about Club DEAD . A place you can "check out " :o(

-- Mike (, March 07, 1999.

GB, you gave a hint: the Warm Fuzzies Protective Wombs - everything your baby needs.

Gotta go to bed, my sarcasms acting up again...

-- Tricia the Canuck (, March 07, 1999.

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