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Last night I had a weird, Flux-related dream. From what I remember, I was sitting on a green hill near a busy street with roughly twenty other people. Some 30 year-old guy seemed to be teaching a course and I was among the students. I wasn't paying much attention. We entered this weird little dugout and he turned on a television set. He told us to study an episode of a TV show he had taped. At the start it said something like "Aeonis Fluxidor" and it showed Gwyneth Paltrow and numerous other actors in a sort of live-action Fon Flux environment. He was asking us about symbolism or something. I was going to mention the cartoon series upon which this TV episode (which, in the dream, I seemed familiar with) was based but for some reason my mouth was stitched shut and I could not speak. Then the dream then shifted to a bunch of other nonsensical crap, so I won't mention the rest.

Has anyone else had a dream relating in some way to Fon Flux?

-- Spofforth (, March 04, 1999


yea, i had an aeon dream, or wet dream if you prefer. well to make a fat story skinny, i fucked aeon's brains out and she was all raw and shit, and than she stuck her foot in my face, than i cut it off, cuz i couldn't fuck her with a foot in my face ... so i threw away the foot, and she was all bleeding from the wound, and i sed, "stop crying bitch, wut'd you expect when you stuck yer goddamned foot in my face?" and aeon sed, "sorry, i thought you had the same fuckin' foot fetish as me ..." and than i cut her off and sed: "well now you know, bitch." and that was the end, weird, ain't it?

-- don't look at me (i wish to remain anonymous@please don't respond to this waste of time, March 08, 1999.

[ I'm leaving that one one, because, y'know, it might just have happened. Is this evidence of Aeon being a bad influence? :-| ]

-- Philip Mills (, March 08, 1999.

okaaaaaaay.... looks like someone's been smoking a little too much of something.

-- oopsmaster (, March 09, 1999.

some times you cant dangle beauty intelligance cunning and juxtoppose the with morals without someone getting lets call it a underdeveloped need

-- angel briggand (, March 25, 1999.

I'm not even touching this one

-- Frostbite (, March 26, 1999.

I have had Aeon dreams on numerous occasions. They ususaly involve me watching a new episode and it ususally has some plot or at least some detail. Maybe these dreams are wishful thinking.

-- Robert (, March 28, 1999.

Hey! I've had those same dreams! (BTW, for a quick, intelligent chuckle, go here: )

-- Frostbite (, March 28, 1999.

i was lost in trevor med lab type facility

-- angel briggand (, March 29, 1999.

I had a dream a few weeks ago that was really similar to the episode of War. I was Aeon and inside of a hotel room with a few other people, when suddenly I look down and realized that a red laser dot was centered on the middle of my chest. Someone was trying to shoot me from outside the window and I dropped down and used the other people in the room as human sheilds (VERY AEON LIKE)then as I got out of the building, I shot everyone standing around because I didn't know who was after me. As I was running I kept seeing the red laser beams trying to target me and a group of men running after me - as far as I know, they never got me, but the dream was over. I've been watching too much Aeon Flux :)

-- Kris (, April 09, 1999.

Too much Aeon Flux? Is such a thing even possible?

-- Frostbite (, April 11, 1999.

I had an extremely weird Aeon dream last night, so I thought I'd put down what I can still remember. I was at some kind of conference/expo/convention thing (with my parents - why???) and I found my way into an MTV Animation pavilion of some sort. The chick running it was controlling everything through a computer, and she pulled down an episode of Aeon Flux. That I'd never seen. So I pounded my parents into silence and watched it. It was EXTREMELY weird, half 2nd season, half 3rd season. It was violent action in some kind of a forest - Aeon fighting hard against Breens. The Breen leader in this case was a tall, black-hired fella. When Aeon finally met him, after slaughtering most of his cronies, the show broke into dialogue - the guy had a deep German accent... The weird thing is that after mutilating all his buddies, Aeon walked up and hugged this guy. They rode off into the sunset together... (in Chungian style, of course - in some kind of monstrously jazzed-up cruising car with explosions all around.)

Very weird, eh?

-- Charlie Princeton (, April 30, 1999.

I don't think I've had any dreams actually involving Aeon Flux, but a ton of my recent dreams have been inspired by elements from the show. Mostly alot of Chungian architecture and events. One involved my escape from a huge fortress much like the one in the first season, and in the end I got to watch my head get cut off by someone wielding a sword (much like romeo) in a horrible but strangely beautiful and cinematic slow-motion scene. And of course, sexual dreams, but I won't get into those :)

-- Mat Rebholz (, April 30, 1999.

Dunno if this qualifies, but Aeon snuck into one of my dreams. I was at a rave party (an illegal one I suppose) set in this underground construction site. When I walked into the back room, I saw a bunch of dopers lying around a TV set showing Aeon Flux. They were chilling to Aeon Flux, imagine that!

-- Paul D. Gilbreath (, February 18, 2000.

I always have weird Aeon dreams usually after watching her. Ok i'm Aeon and i'm on my Aeon motocycle in the desert. Some breens are after me for what i donno. I ride off a cliff and wit some cool Aeon gadgets i some how get back on land, as for the breens they plunge to their deaths! Then i see my self in some kinda hospital trying to find a baby, i think she's from that fat baby episode but smaller! and trevor teams up wit me to get her for what donno. We go in the shower room turn on all the showers then leave wit the baby down stairs. just as we are about to go out the door. water starts to drip from the ceiling, some evil men who? donno are right behind us we walk out the door and the water breaks through the ceiling and the men drown! then Trevor baby and me ride away in some kinda trevor mobile. Really wierd i can't even remember all of it.

-- (, February 19, 2000.

A Trevor mobile? Is that like the Batmobile?

-- Paul D. Gilbreath (, April 28, 2000.

yeah, I had one, too. About 3 years ago I dreamt I was standing, tall and slender, (Like Fon) with a ankle length skirt on, made of a material much like shami, in a soft buff color, with a split right up the middle, to the top of my thighs, inner of course. I was standing in a beautiful room, a penthouse it appeared, with floor to ceiling windows, that looked out on a manhattanesque view, the room in front of me was curved, the windows followed the curve of the room, the floor was ceramic tile, and there were cushions under the windows. There was a coctail party going on, with many classy, Chungian characters eating Hors deurves, and drinking champagne. I had a glass of champagne in my hand and I was toasting the party, on his knees in front of me was Hugh Heffner, with his nose nuzzled to me at the top of the split, more or less, with a look on his face like Trevor when he was chained up by Fon that time, I had dark hair that curved at my jaw line, 2 years later I saw that gorgeous room in print for the first time. I was amazed, it was in the Herodotus file, it was Fon's livingroom. I swear to you I really did dream this.

-- Barb e. (, April 28, 2000.

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