Who says the I.G. are a defensive army?

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For all you direspectful aliens and astartes, I'm sick and tired of having the honor of my beloved boys stepped on! Every source book I read says the I.G. are defensive, slow to manouver, and about as tactically subtle as a hurricane. this is just not true! In my three years of collecting and playing with the big green army I have lost four battles out of 68. only two of them were defensive battles! I don't know anyone who plays any army who just sits and waits for thier opponent to pick them off with heavy weapons. Assault, Assault, assault! Take a nice platoon, and another heavy weapons platoon. maybee a gryphon to help em. this is your base. don't worry about them, they're gonna just sit in cover and wait for their armoured friends to show up. now you have a seccond wing, a sort of flying collumn for all you scholars of tactics. This consists of as many leman ri (is that the plural for russ?) as you can take, wich is two by now with the gryphon. also, a hellhound or two. (have you ever seen what two of those beuties can do? eeech) if you have pints left, take some armoured fist boys. my mechanized Draconian blue platoon works nicely for this role. all these happy mobile troops will race to the least defended point on the battlefeild. most armies can't cover the whole board, so you're almost garanied to have a hole somewhere. once your mobile wing starts to get a toe hold, charge with the ground pounders. This tactic has never failed me, even against my favorite opponent's four squads of devastators. for some reason, nothing can stop this tidal wave of troops, no matter what they take or do. if anyone doesn't think so, and lives in the NJ area, try me. All shall fall to the Impiral might!

Any other favorite tactics out there?

-- Lt. Col. Williams (KhaldonH@aol.com), March 04, 1999


Who says the I.G are a defensive army?

Do you know i would tend to agree with you??? I also have an imperial guard army, albeit only 1500 points but the really cool Praetorian regiment!! Well back to what you where saying i know what you mean, people always say you should just stay still with armies like imperial guard but there wrong otherwise what would be the point in assault troops??? I can understand were they may pick this up though as a lot of very sad people tend to use guard the above way i personally have a friend who does it and i normally end up hacking his brains outwith a large chainaxe or another such dangerous weapon!!Then turning my attention to the table LOL well cya Adam Chapman

-- Adam Chapman (chapman@therese80.freeserve.co.uk), March 06, 1999.

You gotta watch it though the way the new HtH system works. With my DE they love to have the occasional snack of a nice Iggie squad. Bottom line is if you try to go offensive against the DE your gunna get chewed up, so watch out for the DE.

-- Bryan (bromney@hotmail.com), March 06, 1999.

ah, I never played DE before, no one in my area will even touch them with a ten foot earthshaker cannon. No offense, But I think thei're about as lame as the necrons. Up in this kneck of the fringe all I get is chaos, eldar and astartes, oh well, one less kind of alien scum to eradicate in the name of the benevolent emperor! Battle on!

-- Lt. Col. Williams (khaldonH@aol.com), March 07, 1999.

The new Leman russ battle canons are damn good with thier ordanance balst so you might as weel charge up with the guardsmen and let the artillery cover as the guardsmen are gona die one way or another might as well have them die charging

-- (word@up.com), March 09, 1999.

Squad, With the quick step! Double quick now! Now, for old Draconia, and the Emperor, CHARGE!

-- Lt. Col. Williams (khaldonH@aol.com), March 10, 1999.

I have an Imperial guard army that is completely offensive. I have went back to the old citadel ranges of figs and managed to convert jungle fighters with close comat weopons! I charge my boys in the first chance I get! I dont have one lasgun in my whole army. 3 Leman Russes cover 'em while they get stuck in. I havent had a horribly wonderful record with them, about 25 out of 40, buts its worth it just looking at my opponents faces when I show them my army in a local store tournamet! I love I.G.

-- Andrew Weekland (Ncineratr@aol.com), March 19, 1999.

I have got to admitt everybody puts down I.G. especially my Space Marine fanatic of a friend. O.k so space Marines have better armour.Just look at I.G BS. My tatic is pound them with a baslisk, demolisher and 2 other tanks and finish them off with a large unit of catachan j.f . Did u know that a unit of jungle fighters can have up to 40 men. Also anybody who collects I.G and does not have the new codex, get it. Plus an asasin would be a very worthy investment too.

-- Richard Steele (richard@thevillans.co.uk), October 24, 1999.

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