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I am amazed at the DGI's..but hey the Senate report should make you feel better. They tell you about all the issues of non-compliance then tell you not to stockpile anything...yea right...BAA...BAA...Now be quiet you stupid sheep! The GI'S are made to feel stupid because we realize the Government is blowing smoke, but you sheep keep standing there and BAA...BAA...driving everybody else crazy. We stockpile food,water,ammo and other necessary items and you treat us like thiefs because we are unable or unwilling to believe the BS from your shepherd "The Government". BAA...BAA....BAA you repeat following the shepherd as he leads the flock. The GI'S are trying to let you know that "The Shepherd" isn't always looking out for your best interest....afterall his job is to lead you to graze so you can give him wool to sell(Taxes) and fatten you up for market when you are old and no longer productive. You still BAA...BAA...because the other sheep BAA. You are afraid to question the "Shepherd" so you follow him to where he leads you. WELL GUESS WHAT YOU STUPID SHEEP.....THE SHEPHERD HAS LED YOU TO A CLIFF ...NOW JUMP YOU STUPID SHEEP ! AND BAA ALL THE WAY DOWN...BUT DON"T WORRY CAUSE THE GI'S ARE AT THE BOTTOM WAITING TO TAKE YOUR WOOL AND TURN YOU TO MUTTEN. SHOUL HAVE BEEN SMARTER BUT HEY "THE SHEPHERD" IS YOUR LEADER !

-- Bill (, March 03, 1999


AT LEAST THE ABOVE YUTZ (er is that PUTZ, or maybe PETZL) has teh inteligence to close the tags.

-- ANON IS KOOLER (HA@THIS.TIME), March 04, 1999.

Ok, what's the deal with Microsoft? Why do I get a "clicker" when I open this thread?

-- Flagirl (, March 04, 1999.

Bill, are you trying to say that the gov. is a wolf in sheep's clothing?

-- Spidey (, March 04, 1999.

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