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I have been diligently reading and highlighting the Senate report and suddenly realized that page 64 is missing. This is the last page of the telecommunications section. I checked back on the government site and it isn't there. Then I checked Mr. Goodfellow's page and the text is missing there also. Does anyone know what I am missing? Is it important? Me

-- me (, March 03, 1999


That's not the only page missing. A lot of even numbered pages are missing.

These are the blank pages that are inserted in the printed report as the last page in a chapter so that the first page of the next chapter starts on an odd numbered page......i.e., on the right hand side of the book that is printed on both sides.

Unless you can read blank, it's not important.

-- De (, March 03, 1999.

I've actually seen reports containing pages on which the only text was This page intentionally left blank.

-- Tom Carey (, March 04, 1999.

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