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I am new to the business of Photography, but not new to the Love of the craft. I have been handtinting Black & Whites for several years now and have decided to start making money for my work. My Problem is how do I charge? I would like to offer my services of handtinting to busy photographers who don't have time, talent or patience for this art form. I am Also starting my own business of offering Handtinted, Portraits and Candids done on location. How does one determine price for an 8x10...ect... I am very quick, very good and can't imagine making money by charging hourly. Any and all suggestions are welcome. thanks in advance...Chelle of "Photo Creations By: Chelle" .

-- Michelle Cook-Dougherty (, March 03, 1999


I just began marketing my work through a small gallery. The gentleman I deal with says he has seen thousands of artists work under priced and only three overpriced in 25 years of business. I figure my work, what I think it is worth and add 25 to 50 %. Good luck Ken

-- Ken Gordon (, June 25, 1999.

Don't add %25-30, just add $20-30 to the price, think of it, $2-3 paper (for me,heheh) $2-3 chemistry $3 for the use of your pens ($30/cheap set of em' round here) $5-15 sitting fee (for the portrait) then add $20-30+ for your time and effort --------- = $32-54 (remember, it IS art!!)

-- Jason Tuck (, November 16, 2000.

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