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Finding a place to ask photo pricing questions has been difficult so hopefully this is the right place. If not, I am sure I will hear about it. My question is: Recently a publishing company contacted me and wants to use some of my photos in a screen saver that they will market on a disk. My problem is I don't know what fair payment would be for this type of usage. Does anyone have any input? They offered a one time payment of $25 per photo. This seems low to me, but then again I have never sold a photo for this type of product before.

-- Glenn (, March 03, 1999


Good question Glen. I don't know the answer, but why not look thro the stock photography that is on the net (ie Definitive Stock) and find a similar photo (subject) to yours. Then Email that agency saying that you may like to use the picture as a screen saver in your "company" and ask them what the their fee would be for its use as such.

I've just looked thro Ron Engh's book Sell & Resell your photo's but digital use is not mentioned in the part on fees.

Good hunting - please Email me with your answer if you get one for my records.


John S

-- John Swannick (, May 28, 1999.

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