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...so far.


-- pshannon (pshannon@inch.com), March 02, 1999


Yup, the heat is on. 40 Y2K stories at Yahoo today, and counting. <:)=

Yahoo! Y2K news

-- Sysman (y2kboard@yahoo.com), March 02, 1999.

ps... I have trouble keeping up anymore!

I only have one relevant question. How goes the Y2k compliant girlfriend search? : )

Mike ==================================================================

-- Michael Taylor (mtdesign3@aol.com), March 03, 1999.


Ditto Michael's question, pshannon.

We want details. You may end up a Y2K trendsetter.


-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), March 03, 1999.

Yep - we want to know - how was the "cute-sounding" gal?

-- Andy (2000EOD@prodigy.net), March 03, 1999.

Definately...want details pshannon...how'd the ad go...???

-- Sub-Mit (lurking@ofcourse.com), March 03, 1999.

Ah ha!

For you guys who missed it on the other thread, here's an updated version of the message I posted there a couple of days ago:

...I did get together with the lurker that sent me an e-mail. (She's probably reading this...)

Andy - sorry pal, I hate to tell ya this, but she's one of the most incredibly sexiest women I've ever met. One of the most important things that makes this true, is the level of depth of her understanding of Y2K, and the world in general. We've discussed things such as individual's "mystical connection to the universe," the roles of women and men in society and how they may change if TSHTF, the qualities that people may have that allows them to see what's going on and the sad fact that those qualities seem to be lacking in society in general. Stuff along those lines. I once had a girlfriend who wrote an article for a magazine called "Intelligence is the Ultimate Aphrodisiac." I've always believed that was true... Of course, a beautiful blonde face and what appears to be the body of an exotic dancer ( kinda hard to tell through jeans and sweaters ;-) are certainly icing on the cake, IF things were to move beyond the friendship stage. (that is, after all, clearly one of the things I'm looking for. She is too) But hey, no expectations, ya know? And we both felt that it's certainly invaluable to talk to someone about something and be able to look into their eyes and know that they understand what you're talking about.

I won't be specific, but the level of preps that this woman has done certainly makes me feel like an amateur. Whole hog. She's one of the folks who expects, well basically, the scenario of 10 years to get through it. And, she's shy, so I don't think she's ever posted anything here. Probably a lot of folks like that.

I got one other response from someone who thought I was joking. "Oh, you mean you're serious about all this? I thought maybe you'd come up with a new pick-up line, and I thought it was funny..." That's more along the lines of what I'd expected...

3/3 update - I got together for a quick drink with the one who thought I was joking. Basically a waste of time. She REALLY wanted to talk about her cats. I also got a message that said "Hi, this Katie and what I REALLY like is to dominate YOU! My friends and would LOVE to have you come and party with us..." hit the delete message key without a second thought. (Hmmmm, maybe I should have second thoughts about that?)

Got a call from a woman this morning who made it clear that we probably were not each other's type, but if I had an open mind, she and some friends were making preps of various sorts and would I be interested in sharing info and chatting with them, etc. I thought that was very cool, and would certainly like to make some Get It friends outside of cyberspace...

-- pshannon (pshannon@inch.com), March 03, 1999.

Sounds like you might have found a keeper!:> Good luck to both of you!

-- Moore Dinty moore (not@thistime.com), March 03, 1999.

I'll second Dinty.

-- Tricia the Canuck (jayles@telusplanet.net), March 03, 1999.

ps... thanks for making me smile!

Just one thing from an animal lover... uh... the cat lady... how many cats does she have? I've heard they taste like chicken...

Mike (who's going to hide his cat in a special place after TSHTF) ==================================================================

-- Michael Taylor (mtdesign3@aol.com), March 03, 1999.

That's not nice Micheal - practical maybe, but not nice.

Now, about that reference book you called for the other day: "1001 ways you can skin a cat" .....

-- Robert A. Cook, P.E. (Kennesaw, GA) (cook.r@csaatl.com), March 03, 1999.


You lucky bar-steward!!!

-- Andy (2000EOD@prodigy.net), March 03, 1999.

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