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Glad to see that Les Rayburn has posted on here again tonight. Someone last night posted a question about why none of the major netwroks would run his program about Y2k, I can tell you why...they are scared that mass panic would break out if folks were told the truth.

So instead today they did what they always do. Cover Their Ass. That should have been the funny word for Bennett to give out today. Y2K may well be TEOTWAWKI but we sure as hell are not going to tell you because we are too busy COOA. Or Covering Our Own Asses!

Why didn't some reporter ask Bennett about his own personal preperation they way they do in Rayburn's documentary? Maybe he would like to explain why the Mormon church went into high gear stockpiling even more food stuff lately!!?

NBC will run a whole goddamn hour long show on UFO's...Fox will show us "Autoposy" films but no one will run any detailed coverage about Y2K. I smell a rat.

-- Jim Felder (, March 02, 1999


Honestly, did anyone really expect the Senate Report to contain the info anyone with an ISP and a week of time can find out for themselves?

-- Mitchell Barnes (, March 02, 1999.

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