Moynihan Blasts Pentagon y2k Secrecy at 2:44pm ET : LUSENET : TimeBomb 2000 (Y2000) : One Thread

Moynihan says Pentagon secrecy has done "perceptible harm to American Democracy" by cloaking discussions in secrecy. He says no reason to keep information from the American public when the Russians are already privy to the information. C-Span2. 2:44 ET

-- Puddintame (, March 02, 1999


"American people will respond appropriately to situations that they are properly appraised of." Sen. Danial Patrick Moynihan, D-New York, C-Span2 2:47 PM ET.

-- Puddintame (, March 02, 1999.

On C-Span 2 2:45 MT Senate voting to increase funding for Y2K committee (to add $300,000 to $875,000.) Cannot believe some are voting Nay! Also Y2k on CNN (Burdon of Proof)

-- ronbanks (, March 02, 1999.

I'm sorry Senator Moynihan is retiring this year. He's been an eloquent and intelligent participant in the body politic and I have appreciated much of his work and writings greatly over the years.

Didn't always agree with him, but respected his intellect, his approach, his commitment to public service, and his gift for communication. I'm a conservative Republican from out West and thus by some lights should hold no truck with such an "Eastern liberal" as Moynihan, but the Senator has done much good over the years and I salute him and wish him well.

And yes, I suspect he has a very nice, well-stocked retreat waiting for him. After all, he did warn this administration years ago about Y2K...

-- Mac (, March 02, 1999.

Would you all be so kind as to post your observations/comments on the Senate Y2k press conference/report (along with what the other "pundits" are saying--at least for today 3/2/1999) to the thread entitled "Play by Play Y2k Day in the Senate?"

Trying for a complete archive of the day's events.

Kevin and Mac posted hotlinks for me in other forums. Maybe someone else (maybe them) can come to my rescue again!


-- FM (, March 02, 1999.

Actually, since this seems to be a heavy news day regarding comments from Senators and others, let's go beyond just the Senate report. 'How about "pundits" interpretations of the Senate Report?


-- FM (, March 02, 1999.

Up to a total of $875,000. IE Up $300,000 Burdon of Proof calling it a Y2K computer armageddon. Y2K seems to be everywhere on TV today. This day marks the most attention ever given what?

-- ronbanks (, March 02, 1999.

It's been a day for sure. "Now what?" No telling. In a chaotic situation, long periods of relative stability can be interrupted -- unpredictably -- by extreme instability. We'll see, wont we?

-- Tom Carey (, March 02, 1999.

Moynihan's country home is two miles from my mother-in-law's farm (12 miles from us). Hey, should be fun hanging out next year .....

-- BigDog (, March 02, 1999.

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