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Title: My Poems Are My Children - Why I'll never have a baby Author: Rachel Wetzsteon

I found this article very entertaining and quite true to form. Her thoughts on peoples views of themselves and others are quite interesting. I think she writes with humor but is very accurate in thoughts on some of the fundamental thoughts on a person, especially if that person is not in the mainstream of what society thinks they should be. Being recently divorced I can identify with some of her feelings about being a single person and how people preserve her.

Another interesting piece that she wrote about is the way a person second guesses their decisions and choices throughout their lives. I believe that people always see what others have and believe it to better than what they may have. The reality of that is probably not true.

I enjoyed this article and would recommend that others read it.

-- Anonymous, March 02, 1999



I can relate to "My Poems are my Children". I was a late bloomer in my circle of friends when it came to marriage and children. I was married at the "old" age of 29 and had my first and only child at the age of 30. I remember many questions about when I was going to get married and settle down. Then, after I got married, the question turned to "When are you going to have children?". But I also can also identify with the author's cynicism. This is becasue I wanted only one child. I thought the world was too harsh, too polluted, and too "scary" to bring anymore children into it. But, now, after my first I cannot see how I CAN'T have another because children can renew your sense of hope and can teach you how to live.

But, I can respect the fact that some people do not want children, and I can respect their reasons for it. I also feel some people are not meant to be parents. Whether its becasue they have important carreer choices to follow or they don't have the skills to be a "good" parent.

-- Anonymous, March 05, 1999

Hi Susan: I'm not sure if you got my earlier e-mail on your commentary on this article. Could you explain for me what you feel the strength is of other's perceptions of us as it relates to this article? It appears that other's perceptions right or wrong may really drive more interpersonal commerce. I'd be interested in your thoughts. Please e-mail me. Thanks, John Hansen

-- Anonymous, April 09, 1999

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