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the Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance August 1998 Article: Female Athletes and the Media ;- Strides and Stalemates Author: Janet S. Fink

This article included much information on the state of female athletes in the media. The studies regarding the coverage and depiction of female athletes suggest that the media have not advanced the image and concomitant societal acceptance of female athletes. Studies dealing with different types of print and broadcast media show conclusively that female athletes have been under represented.

As the media has made some strides they continue to show women in roles that are considered acceptable by societal standard. For example, in 5 different cases of women athlete on the covers of major magazines the writers chose to focus on their roles as mothers, wives, or used other feminine role models. Florence Griffith Joyner was given much attention in the 1988 Olympics elaborating mostly on her painted nails, her one-legged running suits and extravagant make-up, not necessarily for exceptional athletic ability.

The time does appear right for women athletes to make that transitional leap form increased participation opportunities to societal acceptance. With the increase in womens professional sports and womens increased participation in Olympic sports, it seems the media could capitalize on a whole new target audience, adolescent girls, teens and young adult women.

The power of the media is enormous. It has the potential to open doors and expose opportunity for girls and women in sports like no other time in its history. This opportunity could change the course or women's athletics and it seems to be a growing trend.

This article was very informative and enjoyable. As a women interested in sports and athletics it is refreshing to see an attempt for expansion of opportunity for girls and young women in our society.

-- Anonymous, March 02, 1999

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