where is thread about "who are you?"

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I saw it posted about a week ago, the one in which everyone tells their life stories, backgrounds, but now I can't find it when I do a "search". Was it deleted due to confidentiality?

Thank you in advance, for your assistance. It lends credibility, the fact that there are so many programmers, engineers, etc., posting here, but now, where is it??? (Sorry if this is a really stupid question.)

-- rover (puppy@dog.house), March 02, 1999


I'll send it to the top (of the New Answers page) - it is called "New to the Forum - README" and has links to the "who you are" threads called "What about you" as well as other info. Give me a minute or two, Rob.

-- Rob Michaels (sonofdust@net.com), March 02, 1999.

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