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Paul is scheduled to be on crossfire nest monday night. Should be a good watch. Also goverment has endorsed his prep. plan for y2k. Should be somewhere on the net today.

-- Scotty (, March 02, 1999


Sorry, (next)

-- Scotty (, March 02, 1999.

Sorry for being slow-witted this morning, but is this a joke?

I saw Paul on one short non-syndicated news-clip, but other than that, I thought the media still categorized Paul as a "wacko". For months, I have seen people JOKING about having Paul on mass-media outlets.

This IS a joke, right?

-- Anonymous99 (, March 02, 1999.

Could be. Got it cys.y2k forum. Will have to wait and see.

-- Scotty (, March 02, 1999.

Paul posts here quite a bit. Paul what's up are you going to be on Crossfire? Are your plans endorsed by FEMA? Will you be doing 7-11 or Toast'ems comercials next? Let us know.

-- Bill (, March 02, 1999.

Oh, come on, folks.

This was a JOKE.


-- Hoffmeister (, March 02, 1999.

Scotty may be referring to the following post on software.comp.year-2000

on Mon, 1 Mar 1999 ET wrote

Mr. Milne's plan will be released on the internet Tuesday morning and the Federal government is urging all citizens to take a look and encourage others to start making plans.

Well folks, this is correct, and it is already Tuesday morning here on the other side of the big pond. The simplicity of it is stunning, and it is truly amazing no-body thought of it before.


What the heck ? Posted in the Internet WHERE?

-- FM (, March 02, 1999.

Me suspects a hoax. Here's the original post by the previous poster. Clever, but too bizarre.

US Government Advocates Y2K Plan

By: Steve Cropper - Washington Correspondent

WASHINGTON (AP) - In what can only be described as a stunning announcement today, the US Government has fallen in line behind a controversial y2k plan known as the 'Paul Milne Y2k Preparation Plan.' In a news conference from the Capitol steps, Sen. Chris Dodd and Sen Robert Bennett explained this sudden shift in the government's y2k policy. 'After careful examination of all the facts and evidence known at this time', said Dodd, 'we felt it was time to inform the public of the possible dangers we may all face just a few months down the road. Mr. Milne's plan to prevent unnecessary panic was brought to our attention by a Washington computer professionals group and we thought it deserved some consideration. It should be noted that Mr. Milne has been advocating this plan for nearly two years on the internet and consequently some will be very familiar with it's contents'. Sen. Bennett was asked why it has taken so long for the government to come up with something and he said, 'Well, we've had some difficulty getting some members of Congress and the administration on board. When you see the details, you'll see it's just common sense preparation for any disaster, but those of you that have been around Washington any length of time know that a common sense approach to problems doesn't usually garner much support here. Other problems were Milne's political and religious views, but we are encouraging the media to focus on the plan itself'.

Mr. Milne was unavailable for the news conference but when reached by phone had this to say, 'It's about time those morons in Washington got off their dead asses. I understand the holdup was that butthead Koskinon. Unfortunately for these assholes, they are a day late and a dollar short'. When asked to describe his plan he said, 'Any moron, except the Pollyannas of course, can figure out that having food, water, shelter, and heat might be a good idea if the power goes out. What's so hard to understand about that? Even those losers in Washington finally figured it out'.

Mr. Milne's plan will be released on the internet Tuesday morning and the Federal government is urging all citizens to take a look and encourage others to start making plans. Currently the government is urging people to stockpile at least a week's worth of supplies but this stockpile recommendation may be increased as further facts become known. Mr. Milne actually is stockpiling for a year's worth of problems but the government has determined that that might be excessive. Sen. Dodd commented, 'The beauty of Milne's plan is that it is open-ended'.

This development is not without it's critics. One of Milne's harshest critics, Canadian Don Scott, apparently got wind of this program three weeks ago and has gone into seclusion. His neighbor said, 'This has really hit Don hard. He believes this is a big mistake. He hopes the Canadian government has no such ideas'.

Another critic, Californian Brad Sherman, had this to say, 'Why is the government doing this? This whole y2k thing is overblown, it'll be a non-event. I'll bet you a hundred bucks right now that no one has to touch any of their supplies'.

A more recent critic, California computer professional Al Dechert, commented, 'This is all we need. Milne's name on a government plan. He'll be insufferable on the newsgroups. This is a technical issue, as all computer professionals know, and will be solved by computer professionals. It is impossible for the lay person to understand this issue, and we all know Milne is no computer professional'.

Mr. Milne's most vociferous critic, only known as 'Doc Dwarf', had this to say when we reached him on assignment in Detroit, 'I guess it's time to don my egg salad and tinfoil hat'. It wasn't clear what was meant by this comment and further prodding only produced Latin gibberish concerning Carthage.

Sen. Bennett further stated, 'We are urging the States to contact Mr. Milne directly at his farm for his recommendations. All local governments are urged to contact their representatives in their statehouses for local recommendations.

Mr. Milne has been approached by several publishers and is in discussions for numerous book deals. He will appear on CNN's Crossfire next Monday along with his critic Brad Sherman. Mr. Milne stated, 'PeeWee won't know what hit him'.


-- FM (, March 02, 1999.

Clever joke.

Too bad about Milne NOT being on TV. God I would love to see that.

-- gee (what@a.letdown), March 02, 1999.

Milne vs. Buchanan. That would be way more fun than Louis vs. Schmeling. (Couldn't have children in the room, though.)

-- Tom Carey (, March 02, 1999.

I would watch! Paul, why don't you write here anymore?

-- Leska (, March 02, 1999.

I'd like to see Paul on one show only, Geraldo. And for one reason only. Because like he does to everyone, he would call Geraldo an idiot. And Geraldo is an idiot and should be called one. Of course so is Paul Milne but its fun to see two idiots together.

-- politics (, March 02, 1999.


-- Steve Hartsman (, March 02, 1999.

You don't get entertainment like this everday.

All this should really be over on the "What will it be like" thread.

Upon serious reflection it gives one the shivers to think that THIS is what it probably, really. no BS, will be like.

-- Greybear (, March 02, 1999.

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