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Any idea where i can get Graflex Speed-Graphic 4x5 camera and Kiev 88 MF camera in singapore? Thanks.

-- G.R.Reddy (, March 02, 1999


Speed Graphic, difficult and probably easier to ship from the US. That's where I got my Crown Graphic. But you can try CAmera Workshop.

As for Kiev 88, easier.

Try these places:

A shop run by David Phan in the basement of Adelphi (forgot the name). Camera workshop has 1-2 pieces. Ron's camera had one, but I think it's gone. Europhoto in Riverside Walk has some accesories left. A shop on the second floor of Peninsula shopping Centre (forgot the name), has accesories such as filmbacks, prisms etc., but no bodies.

-- kelvin (, August 31, 2000.

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