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My young nephew in Mich who works at a GM plant resisted my and my sisters pleas to get prepared until today. He came home bursting through the door saying "I'm gonna buy a thousand bucks worth of contact lens solution and extra lenses!" His mom asked why? (He is legally blind without contacts and allergic to regular solution and must buy special, expensive solution.) HE SAID GM IS TAGGING MACHINES "NOT Y2K COMPLIANT" AND THE TAGS ARE EVERYWHERE! He says even if other stuff doesnt go down, he is convinced he wont have a job come new years!

-- Ann Fisher (, March 01, 1999



I work in a plant that is a .5 supplier to GM, ammong other automakers. Our MIS leader has done nothing of the kind. Last year they went on a big buying binge of PC's. I work in the metrology dept. and what they did was give us a questionaire, "What apps. does your dept. use?" We were given a new PC, duell processor, 2 10 gig hardrive with NT 4. Well we were really greatfull, it's amazingly speedy. Gee thanks guys, but our CMM's, (measuring machine), bios says 1989, not a single stamping press or weld line robot has been upgraded. I wonder how much support production will need when the machines go into a dwell? I also wonder how GM will be able to run when we don't supply, or how our suppliers can run if we don't. Needless to say, it looks like GM gets it, and my MIS guys don't

-- R. Wright (, March 01, 1999.

Yes, but GM will make it, guys. No problem.

It's the suppliers. Oh...I forgot. They'll be fine, too.

Don't happy.

Steve, who's humming to himself a lot lately with all the good news...

-- Steve Hartsman (, March 02, 1999.

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