Where to find the Executive Orders?

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I recently read those very scarey Ececutive Orders by means of which the President can suspend Constitutional rights and do just about anything he wants (the scarey part) under Martial Law. But I did not note the site where I found them. It think it was a site called something like Noah's Ark, but I have ben unable to locate it again. I mentioned it on a radio call-in show, but was unable to give my source. Can you help?

-- Shivani Arjuna (www.odnsmall@aol.com), March 01, 1999


Try www.disastercenter.com for copy of executive orders.

-- Just Sunshine (sunshine.nan@rocketmail.com), March 01, 1999.

Try This: Whitehouse Virtual Library

-- joe (joe@no.nowhere), March 01, 1999.

try www.garynorth.com it's under one of the topics

-- sal estrada (dedorojo@primernet.com), March 01, 1999.


Some people are writing scary stuff about Executive Orders that just isn't true. Many of them offer summaries that are inaccurate or just plain wrong.

I recommend that before you make up your mind about what anyone says about an Executive Order, you read the actual EO itself, not just someone's summary. You can read the actual EOs issued by Clinton by going to the http://www.whitehouse.gov/WH/html/library.html link that joe posted.

Here's one quick way to determine whether what someone writes about Executive Orders is believeable: If they warn about EOs 10995, 10997-11000, or 11002, then what they write is not to be believed, for the simple reason that each of those EOs (10995, 10997-11000, and 11002) were revoked in 1969 or 1970, over a quarter-century ago. They are no longer in effect, and anyone who doesn't know that has no factual basis for whatever they say about them.

-- No Spam Please (anon@ymous.com), March 01, 1999.

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