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Some of you may be familiar with Larry Burkett - he has often appeared on Doc. James Dobsons program. His views can be heard at www.

CFCMINISTRY. ORG on two 1/2 hour RealAudio presentations. (Scroll down on left side till you come to tapes, the transcipts available are from a different program and not as complete).

You'll find it very interesting, was done in 12/98. Basically an Ed Yourdon type scenario, although many of his facts agree with what Gary North has said. Contains an extremely good analysis of why Y2K will result in problems and why it won't be fixed in time with real world examples.


For doomsayers: Burkett is an extremely conservative fellow, yet he suggests 4 to 6 weeks food and water, cash, means of heat, and so forth as MINIMUM. Note at the end that he himself has 2 wood stoves, a generator, his own well, a cabin in the woods, and STRONGLY urges the most conservative elements of "the church" that they must prepare. He strongly urges no panic, but the seriousness of the situation permeates his talk.

For pollyannas: no comfort - unless you ignore eveything else and concentrate on Burketts opinion that the WHOLE power grid won't fail forever, "only" be disrupted.

I'd be interested on what everyone thinks of this. Again, Mr. Burkett is well known for his VERY conservative views - yet this is what he thinks WILL happen (best case scenario).

-- Jon Johnson (, March 01, 1999



I am surprised by this because Burkette is Conservtive Christian Mainstream (within the sub-culture of course). Usually endorsed by the also conservative Moody Bible Institute. I would be interested to see how other conservative organizations such as Moody are responding to his views.

Will the icon be knocked off the pedestal?

-- Deborah (, March 01, 1999.

Jon -

Not sure why you're surprised by Burkett's stance on Y2K. As you note, he's always been extremely conservative in his approach, which has been demonstrated in his recommendations about elimination of debt and careful stewardship of resources. He's very prudent (in the Proverbs sense of the word), so once he'd "done the numbers" re Y2K and saw the risks involved, his advice to his readers has been to batten down the hatches financially and personally and wait out the storm. Why do you see this as not "conservative"?

-- Mac (, March 01, 1999.

Check out this whole page (especially the audio message!):

-- Gayla Dunbar (, March 01, 1999.

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  • Mac ---- good question. I've always appreciated Burketts advise and wisdom. I guess I'm still a new enough GI to be surprised when someone I know or sense is wise paints the same scenario that is discussed here; in other words, more indication that 'it really IS going to happen' .

    Thanks for the responses.

    -- Jon Johnson (, March 01, 1999.

    Larry was a programmer for NASA for 10+ years so he knows the game.

    -- Tman (, March 02, 1999.

    Jon -

    Larry Burkett was on Focus on the Family's Y2K panel a while back with Dr. Dobson, Chuck Missler, Shanti Feldhahn (Joseph Project 2000), and Steve Hewitt (editor of Christian Computing and a serious DGI.) Hewitt wss the lone "bump in the road" type. Listening to Burkett has helped a number of my business contacts become GIs.

    Love your address, by the bye. The Chronicles are near and dear to my heart, as is much of Lewis' writing.

    -- Mac (, March 02, 1999.

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