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I'm new to Warhammer 40K. I have the new 40k rule book. I have a question concerning the assault phase. I moved my space marine (chaos) unit 8 inches towards another space marine (imperial fist) unit in my movement phase. 3 chaos marines in the assaulting unit where within 6 inches of the imperial fist unit.

Can I move into assault -base to base- after moving the 8 inches?

I hope I asked this question correctly. Thank you in advance.

-- Clint Freund-Linzy (, March 01, 1999



First, you can only move 6" in your movement phase. I looked in the Chaos codex and there is no special rule for the marines on movement which means you are limited to a 6" movement phase. Some deamons or Bersekers can move more. After you moved, you have the shooting phase where you fire your weapons. And then you can assault. You can assault another 6" with the same unit that moved 6" in the movement phase as long as you CAN REACH an oponent with the move. If you are not whitin 6" of an ennemy unit, you cannot use your assault movement.

Hope that helps.


-- Marc (, March 02, 1999.

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