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Sorry had to be away from my computer for a while. Y2K has gotten to one of my friends real bad. He depressed, poor uneducated has a janitors job , don't make much money. Says y2k will be the worst thing in his life and he wasn't going to wait around to some famine , bullet or disease got him and his family. He was just going to go out and get it over with so his family might collect the insurance, Maybe, worth the chance,

So I ask him when, where, and how he was going to do it.I would be glad to help him out. He asked me for sugesstions and I recommended a rope, He said he didn't like to be choked. So I sugessted a gun and he said he was afraid of guns and didn't know too much about them. So I sugessreg drowning and he said he couldn't swim. So I sugessted poison and he wanted to know if it worked real fast for he hated pain.

So you see,Being in such a way with an uncooperative fellow that was ancious to be on his way I suggessted all of the above.

So we got the rope, the gun, the poison and went down to the river to get this thing over by taking no chances. He had the full understanding that I was only going to be his preacher and support while he carried this thing out.

So we threw the rope over a branch that hung out over the water, put the noose around his neck and loaded the gun. The poison he was going to take while he was hanging.

Well people he shot the rope in two spilled his poison, dropped into the water, and sure enought he couldn't swim and he nearly drowned and froze to death before he could get out.

He than says after that he thinks he can weather about anything that comes his way. What an attudide?


-- Lon Brock (, February 28, 1999


ROTFLMAO... This is a good one Lon. I'm going to save it! Thanx. <:)=

-- Sysman (, March 01, 1999.

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