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While back I posted that Angels Camp, CA was to perform y2k test on their water system. They passed but...


But when the city's water system ticked down the final seconds, there was only a slight color shift on the display screen to note the arrival of a new year. Other than that, everything kept operating as programmed.

Just because the system cleared this hurdle, though, doesn't mean and end to the concern.

Imbedded systems...may also fail because of the so-called Y2K bug.

"If we have to, we'll manually open gates," he said." -----------

Probably ok for a small town situation but the Public Works Director says..."There's a lot of plants that aren't going to be ready for this."

-- Mark Hillyard (, February 28, 1999


I wonder if they checked the flouride metering systems. If they malfunction, it WILL kill people. did a good article on this little-thought of potential problem.

-- Bill (, February 28, 1999.

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