Occupation of Andrews, N.C. by the Fed's

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It is not my intention to my intention for this post to incite Clinton bashing. Clinton is merely the visual mascott at present of a government gone mad. If George Bush were in the Oval office the only thing IMHO that would be different is Monicagate would not be in the news.

We live in a time of great crisis; Y2K, the spreading worldwide financial crisis and a government gone mad. If our government was on the straight and narrow, that which goes hand and hand with a republic then Y2K and the financial crisis would not be as life threating as they are now. Level headed decisions that were in the best interests of preserving a viable republic would be made.

Government would have back in 1997 warned the public of possible problems and would have embarked on valid measures to cushion the blows. Using the bully pulpit government would have encourged the private sector to become Y2K complient. Especially the core sectors of energy, telecommunications, transportation and banking.

They have not done so and we must ask ourselves why. Much has been posted on this forum about MOUNT exercises in Texas and black helicopters. Why? If we had a sane foreign policy terrorists attacks would not be a concern. Why are urban military exercises a priority and Y2K is not? I pulled the below post from another forum. It is I believe instructive of the mentality of our government and does not bode well for our nation even without Y2K and the looming financial crisis. Post follows.

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Just happened to have spent a couple of hours researching this question before coming on board. Found several websites now covering more about the Feds. Occupation of Andrews,NC, as more of a concern than any info. on Rudolph. The head ATF Agent in Charge said recently they think he is still back in an area they have cordoned off. Well.......we will have to see about that. The reporter felt, as well as the locals contacted, that such a statement is just so much BS.

Now, the real news is what is going on. The Feds. have leased the building in their fenced in compound for 2 years paying $75,000 down. They have this place set up like they expect an invasion. They still have around 200-300 agents and military personnel hanging out there most of the time but no real searching going on except a lot of Chopper traffic. The Men in Black have even been in and out a few times in Black Choppers, but mostly military choppers still being used. Seems some of these Feds. like to wear Shirts with UN on them and drive vehicles saying "Global Communications." Vehicles like this are white.

Now, seems the airport where they have this Compound is not sufficient for the choppers, so some other helicopter landing pads have been made on some of the hill/mountain tops around the mountains. The Feds. are talking about taking 1 million acres of the National Forest and have looked at buying another mountain. Costs to the taxpayers for this "search" is now being tabulated at about $1 million a day. And no one has seen hide nor hair of Eric Rudolph since he surfaced late last June or early July when he came to town and got an estimated 6 mo. supply of food and borrowed the man's truck to ride around town some.

The Feds. and locals are having some problems. Seems the locals literally "hate" the Feds., except some expected romancing seems to be going on between some of the younger women from town and some of the Feds. whom these ladies describe as being "Good Christian men." Well, this is not the feelings of most, especially some of the Church going people because they don't like living with all this "army" in town and have decided to get the Church (some) to remove their names and addresses from any and all church records and stop all mailing lists. A lot of distrust is being more and more exhibited. Some locals say they "don't go to Andrews at all any more." Many complain because the Choppers take off and land right over the town's hospital which is next to the guard shack and the Feds. main compound building.

Many locals feel that they have been singled out to be "The Next Waco." Some reporters think they have a real point there because the place is looking like more than a single "manhunt" operation. Locals can't go hunting or fishing like they used to. A new rule is "only one gun in a vehicle." Doesn't matter if there are 5 hunters in the truck or car, only one rifle allowed. Some of the area fishermen have had to spend over an hour just "being interrogated" to go fishing when some of the Feds. stop them.

Business in town is bad too. Seems when one or more of the Feds. come into any restaurant, the locals get up and walk out taking their food with them or just quit eating and leave. Seems they are trying to make a statement this way. Also, these Feds. are easily spotted. They often have on BDU's and all kinds of weapons hanging off web gear per the locals and reporters.

Now, regarding the shot back last NOV during the night. This shot was fired by a high powered rifle right into the Compound and supposedly just missed an agent. Well, the shot was found to have been fired from the hospital parking lot next door, so it wasn't a deer hunter hunting a little late. Also, seems the Agent who almost got hit was seeing a local girl some and her boyfriend didn't like it so this may very well have been just a "warning shot" to him. Since there haven't been any more reoccurances, that seems to have been the case. Don't think the Agent saw that girl anymore either.

What is going on does seem to be more than just the Eric Rudolph manhunt. There are too many other happenings at this compound, and the cost of this operation is way too high for trying to get just one man. Considering all they did to try and make Jesse Jewel out to be the culprit for the Atlanta bombings, you would think they could have come up with something by now. Rudolph is expected to die in the shootout planned whenever they do run across him because that way they can make certain the Atlanta bombing dies with him. Otherwise, he will deny Atlanta and they will be back to square one again on that one. So, word is that they will someday kill Rudolph one way or another. But this still doesn't explain all the activity at this compound.

The locals feel definitely that the Feds. have now decided to become permanent fixtures, they have hurt the local economy with their presense despite their spendings there, and now white water rafting season will be hurt again this season. Since the Feds. have now gotten about 13 months under their belt there, things becoming more permanent, the local see no relief in sight. Most have gotten their guns tuned up and expect a big war to start sometime whenever they start going door to door trying to get their guns. They also expect the real intent now is to have a war with the militia units from NC and TN that have operated back in these same mountains for years. The choppers are doing surveillance on the militia and visa versa. The militia have even put up a new website explaining this "Federal Occupation" as being a bit too much and much more than a hunt for Rudolph. The locals expect choppers full of UN and US troops to come in any day as the signal that the "War" is about to start.

Well, that's the latest update on the Rudolph man hunt by Reno's boys. I will be glad to dig up some of the websites and post them if anybody is interested. There are about 4-5 good ones. More journalists seem to be getting interested as this thing keeps going on. The "war" thing with the militia is really felt to be in preparatory stages "to give the military some more 'training' on real live situations in this country," per one local contact there. He feels the NC/TN militia units in Cherokee Co.,NC and Polk Co., TN, will be the Administrations first "kickoff" of the new Civil War, because that is what is anticipated.

There seems to be two possible signs or factors regarding the "kickoff" of the new Civil War in Andrews. One is if the Feds. suddenly start bringing in choppers loaded with military personnel from wherever (US or UN or both), and probably will have airborne units dropped into the mountains. The second sign or factor will be if they start going house to house trying to disarm the citizens (they are arming more and more due to the tensions building up), or if they issue orders for mandatory turnin's or registrations. The men in this area will then be ready to start fighting them because that will be a definite sign that the Feds. are out to impose dictatorial powers against the Constitutional rights of the people and they will take the historical road of war rather than conceed to give in to a dictatorship and become enslaved. Their religious beliefs totally support this concept.

So, to conclude this thing, there is definitely some bad thing gonna happen at Andrews sooner or later. Another Waco will not happen because this time the locals will all get into the fracas and then thousands will pour in from the three States around the area to defend their fellow Patriots.

You hit me when I was "hot" with the latest scoop on Andrews....... seriously. I had been helping a friend from there find out what was on the internet so he could dig into them this weekend. The people in Andrews need our prayers. Worry is high for these folks and many feel that they are definitely facing the last days. They are real paranoid and this is getting worse. Sooner or later someone, may be mentally unstable, will create an incident and tensions will get even worse. The Feds. show these people a real uncaring, disrespectful attitude with no sense of concern for how they feel.

-- Ed (ed@lizardranch.com), February 28, 1999


someone that lives in n.c. could call a business there to verify

-- facts (Iwantaknow@ifitstrue.com), February 28, 1999.

Rural North Carolina people don't like anybody whose family they don't know about back to their great-great-grandparents. Everybody's related to somebody around there. They are still fighting the Civil War and if somebody marries a Yankee, God forbid, it's like they married a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig. The sheriffs are still arresting moonshiners. Incest is not uncommon. Religion is VERY fundamental. These mountain people were paranoid and suspicious before the Feds got there. I suspect the uncaring, disrespectful attitude of the Feds you claim has a lot to do with the way they've been treated by the Andrews folks right from the beginning.

The Feds are such a presence because this Rudolph person coldbloodedly murdered and maimed people and would have kept on if he had not been identified. This is a person who supposedly wants to save lives. If the Feds let him get away in this wilderness area then it will become a safe haven for others who like to blow up "sinners" like he does. No point in bringing in irrelevant concerns, the facts are this person broke the law, right or wrong; he has to be brought to justice--can you think of another way to find this person? Left free he'll go and bomb something else--maybe a clinic next to a bank where your mother is standing in line....

-- anon (ohno@you.don't), February 28, 1999.

anon the feds arrive with an attitude that they are above any law or control to achieve whatever their objective is. A federal lawyer once told me when I reminded him what the law said "I don't care what the law says, we get to make the rules." He then went to his judge and a legal action was negated. Now the fact that they would do this is not unexpected. But the fact that they have reached a stage where they would blatantly state it is on a higher level.

-- hugh (HughGlass2000@hotmail.com), February 28, 1999.

I would like to present a hypothesis for the perusal of the investigative minds on this site. Remember, this is just a hypothesis--there are no facts to back this up.

Is Mr. Rudolph really a 'mad bomber'? Or is he being presented as a scapegoat and a reason for the buildup of Federal agents in and around Andrews. We all know that this particular government is quite capable of generating information to justify whatever they want. Is it really reasonable to assume that Mr. Rudolph has managed to survive the months in the mountains intact, fed, healthy and unseen? On the other hand, yes the federal boys can be very obnoxious but does that mean that they are planning a midnight raid on the milita? Perhaps this is Reno's way of justifying a larger budget (not meant to be funny) since it does require the leaders to justify any requests for monetary increase. Or (paranoid thought), maybe it does mean they intend to isolate Andrews and demilitarize the milita. I would like to see thoughts on this item. Does anybody or has anybody seen or read factual information on this item. If not, then maybe Ed was just 'trolling'.

To postulate: Mr. Rudolph and his connections to the Atlanta bombing were created as justification for the military type buildup of federal agents in and around Andrews NC. The purpose of the Federal agents is to be in place to surpress the possible uprising or taking of power by the local militas. Thoughts please. ( Military style--lowest ranking member speak first.)

If we cannot support this theory in any way, then I suggest that all posters take it on themselves to ignore future postings like this. Lobo

-- Lobo (Hiding@woods.com), February 28, 1999.

Lobo, et. al.,

Without taking the time to "investigate" this issue due to looking into other stuff, what we DO know in this country is "something" is up throughout the United States, and beyond.

Militarily, speaking. Just in time for Y2K. Sort of like a duck walk line-up.

Question is, who's in the shooting gallery?


-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), February 28, 1999.


Yes, please do post the web sites where I (we) can find out more about Eric Rudolph, Andrews AFB, Militia, et. al



-- Skip Campbell (SCAMP@ergo.com), February 28, 1999.

er, Ed, this is a repost of something that's been going around the net for over a year. Basicly it's an attempt to gain popular support by the white supremacists who are associated with Eric Rudolph. It's old news.

While I personally have no use whatsoever for white supremacists, I do find it more than slightly humorous that one guy with a highschool education has managed to keep this many feds tied up for this long. All in all I see this as an optimal way of keeping both groups (the feds and the white supremacists) preoccupied and out of everyone else's hair.


-- Arlin H. Adams (ahadams@ix.netcom.com), February 28, 1999.

Information concerning Andrews,NC. The location of the FBI office is behind the hospital in Andrews, there is a helo pad there also. Where an Old Hewey is parked (White & Blue in colors )saw it today as it flew in and landed. The Fed's drive all Maroon colored Ford Broncos four wheel drive units. They stick out like spit and polish Goosesteppers. The Andrews airport is located about 2 miles away from the hospital on the north side of highway across from the railroad tracks. There are three hangers there with the last one devoted to the helicopters,doors ususally closed. Within 6 mile radius of the airport is a uncharted landing strip with 6 Black helicopters and crews. Andrews does not have a Air Force Base ( SKIP ) but the Andrews National Guard Military Police is located very close by (within 1-2 miles ) not easily seen by the highway as you drive towards Andrews. The main objective for FED's being in the area is also for the low flying airplanes with drugs coming into the area,and being dropped by air in the mountains. This info is real and the details are real.

-- EBE (roswel47@majistk.com), March 01, 1999.

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