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Check out the link. My own opinion: Add +2 to CIA's rating.

How the CIA Sees Y2K (MSNBC). Displays a map of the world, with many different countries highlighted; you can click on a country and there is a sentence or two summing up what the CIA report says about the status of the country. E.g.,here is what it says about Pakistan: "Power loss, telephone loss will be widespread. Interruptions to imports/exports will be severe. Interruptions of government services will be widespread and severe. Air transportation interruptions likely. Chance of unrest or bank panics is moderate." About China: "Power, phone loss will be widespread. Food, water, oil shortages will be isolated but severe. Interruption of government services will be both widespread and severe. Chance of unrest, bank panics is moderate. ... Modernizing missile forces, but Y2K implications not clear. Military vulnerable to likely mainframe problems. Business community slow to recognize problems."

-- Jim P.E. (, February 28, 1999


Great site, Jim, thanks. Of all the countries highlighted for preparedness summaries, the United States is not one of them. I wonder why? For Saudi Arabia, the summary says:

At risk: Air transportation interruptions likely. Interruptions to imports/exports, oil shortages will be isolated but severe. Interruptions of government services will be severe.

Notes: Status of CSS-2 missile system is unknown. Foreign military sales present a Y2K issue for U.S. military systems sold to Saudi Arabia.


The summary for the UK says "Mixed reports regarding military preparedness. . ." I was looking at the Ministry of Defence site last night and there's info there if anyone wants to have a look

-- Old Git (, February 28, 1999.

See thread for MOD links ...


-- Diane J. Squire (, March 01, 1999.

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