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Does anyone have any experience with growing fruit trees, specifically apple, pear, and peach? Got trees, need knowledge...quick! Like do they all need or like full sun...peach and pear do... I assume apple does too. I'm in N.TX...I've seen lots of peach and pear even growing almost wild with just rain and sun...but I haven't ever had an apple tree, or seen many here.... I've also noticed the orchard peach trees are pruned every year. Why?

-- Shelia (, February 28, 1999


From an amateur fruit-tree grower (two apple trees and a pear tree in the back yard): Yes, they like and need sun. Leaves that are too shaded are more susceptible to fungus. One reason for pruning is to let the sun through to the lower leaves. Another of the several reasons for pruning is to keep branches from getting so spindly that they break when fruit-laden.

Before starting any do-it-yourself pruning, please get a book about pruning from a nursery or gardening store -- there are some important guidelines that might not be obvious to a novice (they weren't to me, anyway :-).

-- No Spam Please (, February 28, 1999.

I have experience growing fruit trees. Growing fruit trees is a high maintenance proposition. Give them at least eight hours of sunlight per day. If you are planting whips (1-2 yrs. old) they will need about five years to start bearing a good quantity of fruit. Apples and pears need to be cross pollinated and therefore you need to plant different varieties that flower at the same time. Some peach trees are self fruitful, but it is good to plant a different variety that flowers at the same time as well.

For the best information on growing fruit trees in_your_area contact your State Agricultural Extension Service. There you will find a wealth of information concerning pomology.

-- Steve (, February 28, 1999.


Also check harvest season. You can spread harvest out over the summer by selecting early summer, mid summer, and late summer/fall ripening. Tag tells you when the fruit ripens in your general area.

This will save you a big rush for canning and fresh fruit for longer period.

-- Mark Hillyard (, February 28, 1999.

Thanks to you all, We do have two pear and two apples of different but compatible varieties (gee, I finally read the tags!) The guy at the nursery said there is so much peach grown in this area that it wasn't necessary to have two in the same yard... These are 2 yr. old trees...and I can put them in good sun with lots of breathing space between. So...five years before fruiting? I was hoping sooner, but I think it will be good no matter when. I'm hoping the drought conditions here in TX abate by next year, otherwise water could be a problem. Thanks again

-- Shelia (, February 28, 1999.

Try the dwarf fruit trees, most will bear in three years. Good luck!

-- Betty Arnspiger (, February 28, 1999.

I've had standard trees bear a partial crop the second year. If you plant them this year, you might get a couple this summer/fall, which is the first year.

Next year, you'll get a partial crop. It won't be a lot but it'll be better than nothing. So get them in now. Every year will be better.

Remember the saying about planting a 5 dollar tree in a 10 dollar hole. Dig a huge hole. loosen the dirt and really prepare it with compost and manure.

-- x y z (x@y.z), March 01, 1999.


You asked " I've also noticed the orchard peach trees are pruned every year. Why? "

Most of the ag operations I've seen (I live in N TX too) "prune" thier peach trees to a low height. Quite level on top. I was actually wondering about that one day as I was standing on the ladder trying to get some peaches out of a non-pruned tree. Voila. Trim the buggers - level and low - and you can walk around them and pick the fruit with you two feet planted on ground as God intended.

BTW, the "pruning" I've watched some of the big orchard do consists of useing what looked like a giant hedge trimmer on steroids and cutting everything off above a certain height. My bet would be that you need to start early with this treatment,

-- Greybear, part time itenerant peach picker, full time peach eater.

- Got Preserves?

-- Greybear (, March 01, 1999.

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