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How will the score be transmitted to the musicians and the audience?

-- Finding Time (, February 27, 1999


Once the image vocabulary has been defined, time transitions for each of the "parts," or individual players, will be set by Scott. For the first performance these will be pre-determined using chance operations of his choice. These time transitions will be encoded into Javascript image animations that will be tied to a central server's clock, thus enabling each performer (and audience member) to view the score synchronously.

Due to time delays inherent in network transmission, this notion of synchronicity must be fuzzy. Background checks will be made periodically during the performance that will ensure a loose level of accuracy in the clocks of all machines involved.

In future performances we hope to develop a system whereby the score can be manipulated by the composer in response to the live musical performance. We are also looking at ways to incorporate audience input, and seek to develop tools that will transform the role of passive recipient to one of greater involvement mediated by technology.

-- Jesse Gilbert (, February 28, 1999.

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