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Hon Lon:

I don't think, (I truly mean this with all thats within me) for all that I have read about the state of the worlds finances, Y2K and Chicken s**T politilaco seeking everything for themselves and not solving any of the problems in this world, It really don't matter how much you are in debt or how much money you have. Almost everything and anything can be taken away by a law or laws that we didn't even know about.

Those that will not go into debt to help pay their way to keep the welfares,give a ways high living politicans will soon have a law passed saying that they are dead beats. I would guess if all the debts have to be paid they will be paid in worthless paper to balance the books. The books are important. OR we will find ourselves releived of all our worries about debt, vacations, new homes, cars, and be interested in only the basics, Food, water, clothes, shelter and medecine. All these may be in short supply, as you can well see you can buy a shirt for 20.00 and its short tail and one sleeve is shorter than the other. There is other ways to run a country into the ground, Take away their pride in tradesmanship, their character, their word and it don't make a damm where you are standing. The water will get higher. I could go on and on.

I always ways keep my debts even with my assets, What the hell, who knowes which way its going to go. Have some paper, land, real money, gold & silver, plenty of tools, You know what I mean. Thats the poor mans way.


-- Lon Brock (, February 27, 1999


Lon Not to many people know it , but there are over 200,000,000 laws , rules and regulations in the US and growing at about 10.000 a day ! Ever stop and ask yourself, what happens when you violate one of these laws ? You pay the fine or go to jail. When you pay the fine, who gets the money ?? Local, state or federal governments. The very people who passed the laws !!! Money IS power and they can't get enough ! Ever hear what a judge will say if you claim in court that you "didn't know there was such a law" ?? "Ignorance of the law is NO excuse" !! If I ever hear that from a judge , I will quote the original statement about the number of laws, rules and regs in the US and say to him," Your (sic) honor, I will be happy to sit right here and quietly listen , if you will just quote 1,000,000 of those laws from the top of your head; any 1,000,000 you please , in exchange for any sentence but the death sentence ".There are a lot of these leaches out there that are going to be coming whining to your door in Feb,/Mar. 2000 . Got extra buckshot ?? Eagle

-- Harold Walker (, February 27, 1999.

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