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Some while back, this forum had quite a discussion about the mysterious contrails being laid across the California skies. One poster (I don't remember who) postulated that they might be related to the gov's fungal attack upon marijuana cultivation. This may or may not be true, but there is another fact related to fungi which my strange and weird brain dredged up - there was a story on CNN some time ago which described how a very hungry cellulose-eating fungus was devouring houses in S. California. An additional fact surfaced yesterday. My wife said that she had seen a strange thing in a condo here in New Mexico. What probably is a fungus, had eaten much of the wood in a towel closet and had even eaten the cotton within the towels.

Now, I realize that this is not Y2K related, but does anyone have links to stories about the S. California house-eating fungus? I could find nothing in the CNN archives. Also, is anyone else seeing effects of such a fungus? It probably is nothing unusual. But, wouldn't this be a wild bioterrorist weapon. Could it have already happened?

-- No No (, February 27, 1999


Well one thing is obvious:

It couldn't be an anti-marijuana fungus becasue the growing season hasn't started yet.

House eating fungus? Now that would be pretty strange. Sure would put termites out of business real quick in a hurry.

-- (Lancelot @ tavern, February 27, 1999.

Based on what I have heard about contrails, it sounds like an effort to affect the weather. There have been some reports that the military is looking into controlling weather via upper-atmosphere heating, and "seeding clouds" would probably be a related factor in affecting the weather.

-- Anonymous99 (, February 27, 1999.

I remember the story. You have to cut the organism off from its water supply in order to kill it. The source and trail of organism can be some distance away from where it's eating your house.


-- LM (, February 27, 1999.

Here is the link to the article about the fungus.


-- LM (, February 27, 1999.

Thanks for the link! Interesting organism. Although the original post was way off subject, every now and then it is fun to sit around the camp fire and tell ghost stories.

-- No No (, February 27, 1999.

It seems like there was a discussion somewhere about the possibility of the contras being an anitdote or long term innoculation for smallpox or antrax. It was discussed that since there is not enough vaccine to innoculate everyone this could be a way to do it. A fine mist would be sprayed, people and livestock would breath it in and be innocualted.

-- Linda A. (, February 27, 1999.

contrails not contras. sorry

-- Linda A. (, February 27, 1999.

IN response to your itme you called " off topic " - fungi and contrails...

On the contrary I don't think there is anything strange about the contrails they ARE relative. NOW we all KNOW the gov't knows what is going down with y2k and they are keeping hush hush but when the white house makes the BIGGEST order for stored food in the industry you KNOW they know what the futre is going to be like. Apparently we know the poplulation of the earth is 7-10 billion ( figure might be off) and if these y2k changes happened in the morning we would have world wide anarchy and destruction ( nuclear missles) so the ELITE ( gov'ts - federal ones) realize that there will be more people than food to go around( which is the case now on a world wide basis) so their plan is to KILL or exterminate 30-40% ? of the population on the planet. And for those who think I am spouting CONSPIRACY - remember the saying of the old miser - ' the best place to HIDE something is OUT IN THE OPEN !"

TED TURNER 3-4 weeks ago was spouting off about we must curb population growth in the WORLD because we are over-populated - which we are. Now WHY is turner spouting off about this on his station? MAYBE because that is what will happen in the not to distant future. Remember - fema , red cross, state, local gov't police, rcmp. national guard, army with all these organizations they STILL will not be able to be in all places at all times - because y2k is like a hurricane hittin NORTH AMERICA ( canada included) AT the SAME TIME , civil unrest WILL happen so the contrails COULD be a test run for mass annihilation of highly volitile areas , if you THINK for one second under martial law that a soldiers will NOT fire on its own citizens ( remember once there is martial law there is NO constitution any more - you no longer have rights) YOU are DREAMING !! -


-- sean (, February 27, 1999.

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